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The world's only full-size replica of Noah's Ark opened it's doors last May in an unlikely place—Hong Kong. Built according to biblical specifications, the 450-foot-long (137 m) ark may look a lot like what Noah built, but it has modern conveniences that the pre-Flood preacher didn’t dream of: a fancy hotel, a large restaurant, a theater, and an adventure park for children.

Years ago, it would have been hard to imagine a communist country like China allowing such a biblical icon. But Thomas Kwok, an evangelical Christian whose family made billions in Hong Kong real estate, eventually received government approval and managed to see the massive project to completion. According to the Wall Street Journal,* Kwok wanted visitors to get a true perspective of the enormous scale of the ship. The attraction includes several biblical exhibits.


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October – December 2009

When it comes to God’s marvelous creation, nothing compares to the amazing design of the human body. From the protective garment of skin to the engineering of our bones and new discoveries about our brain, this issue is packed with testimony to the Master Designer.

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