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by Dale Mason on January 1, 2016
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Dale Mason

Dale Mason

Do you recall falling asleep on a long trip as a child, and awaking to find that you were in a totally different place?

When my wife and I were raising our young family in Phoenix, Arizona, we would drive back to the Midwest once a year to visit relatives. I would time the trip so we left our house about the kids’ bedtime. With the swaying of the car in the darkness, they were soon fast asleep. When they awoke the next morning, about eight hours down the road, their world had changed overnight. Familiar suburbs and shopping malls had given way to the barren topography of a desert mesa, flat and empty.

As they slept, trusting me to take care of their needs, they had no idea how much the ground beneath our car was changing. They were always amazed by the stark landscapes that stretched out around us when they awoke somewhere beyond civilization.

It was something like that over 4,300 years ago when Noah’s family boarded the Ark. After God closed the door, the earth completely changed. But in their case, an entire year went by. Day and night probably became hard to distinguish under the dark canopy of heavy clouds and volcanic dust, as the huge wooden ship swayed atop a world completely covered by water. For months Noah and his family cared for the animals and one another as the earth far below writhed under judgment. The original single continent shattered into many pieces. Everything familiar was wiped away.

As this issue’s article on plate tectonics describes, the movement of the earth’s crust produced new coastlines and unstable boundaries between plates. They explain the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that are still occurring today—aftereffects of God’s global Flood judgment. I often think of how stunned Noah and his family must have been when they first saw both the awesome devastation and the breathtaking beauty of the transformed world. And I imagine how thankful they were to set foot once again on dry ground.

The wonder on our kids’ faces in the eastern Arizona morning light pales in comparison. Their amazement carried no taint of loss or fear of the unknown; they knew their daddy would take care of them wherever they were.

Come to think of it, Noah had the same confidence. Even in the midst of cataclysmic upheaval he knew his heavenly Father was taking care of him.

I’m thankful for that reminder!

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Dale T. Mason, Publisher

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Ken Ham President/CEO,
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“When I debated Bill Nye, he claimed that creationists aren’t scientific because they don’t make predictions. This issue describes three specific instances where creation scientists made significant predictions based on the Bible. The confirmation of their predictions further shows that the Bible is trustworthy, not just for science but for all of life.”

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