August 1999 Newsletter

People are asking: “why?” Why do some teenagers have such a low view of human life that would lead them to shoot and kill their fellow students and attempt to kill and destroy them with bombs

Defusing Bombs in Public Schools

People are asking: “why?” Why do some teenagers have such a low view of human life that would lead them to shoot and kill their fellow students and attempt to kill and destroy them with bombs in a suicide attack? What’s behind all this? Could it happen again? The sad thing is that potential “bombs” are being built in public schools every day. The mayhem created in Littleton, Colorado and other school districts over the past few years is nothing compared to the “bombs” waiting to explode in this culture. This nation needs to brace itself as these begin to explode across the nation.

Today, generations of young people appear to have an utter sense of purposelessness and hopelessness. Many have an obsession with death, with little or no sense of right and wrong. These are the “time bombs” in our culture, and many of them already have their “fuses” lit. There will be more senseless killing, more violence, more bloodshed, and more sorrowing and suffering. And for all the talk, and all the opinions, this nation hasn’t learned the lesson. The real disease has not been dealt with.

Evolutionary bombs

Just a couple of weeks after the horrible killings at Columbine High School in Colorado, students (including those who saw friends shot in front of their eyes) went back to school and sadly were given the ingredients to make more “bombs.” You see, when millions of students have been told in their classes that there is no God, that man is just an animal, and that death, bloodshed, and violence (similar to what we observe in today’s world) are a natural part of the evolutionary mechanisms that produced man, then let’s be honest about the logical consequences!

In that world-view, who determines what are (or are not) “right” and “wrong” actions? If violence is a part of the evolutionary process, then why should we try to combat it? If man is just an animal, then who decides what “value” is placed upon human life? If death is nothingness, then what is the point of suffering in this present world?

Whose Values?

People are crying out asking why these students don’t have the “values” of past generations. But what they mean by “values” in reality is Christian morality. It is only on the basis of an absolute authority (the God of the Bible) that one could insist on the morality of the Ten Commandments (e.g., Thou shalt not kill); otherwise, it’s just an opinion. And who determines whose opinions are the right ones?

School students once went through the public education system learning Christian morality, understanding its foundation in an absolute authority—the Word of the Creator God to whom they were all accountable. Then there followed students who went through the education system learning Christian morality (but without its foundation), a time when the Bible, prayer, and God’s Law were taken out of the system. Thus, they had a moral structure but with no foundation. At the same time, students were being taught with ever-increasing fervor that man was an evolved animal. Shortly after, a new group of students went through this same education system, but not only were they taught evolution as fact, they also increasingly saw Christianity attacked and ridiculed. The more the foundation for Christian morality was attacked and removed, and the more students were taught there were no absolutes, the more their world-view reflected this change.

These are ingredients for powerful “bombs” to explode, resulting in hatred of Christians and the devaluing of human life, leading to killing one’s fellow man and suicide. Now it’s not that a student wakes up one morning and says, “There’s no God, and I’m just an evolved animal, so there’s nothing wrong with killing students and teachers.” The longer that generations of young people grow up in a culture whose education system is devoid of Christianity and pervaded by evolutionary philosophy, the more possible that an increasingly large subset of these students will eventually act out in accord with the foundation they’ve been given for their understanding of life. It is not just the schools that are giving the ingredients for “bombs” to the students. Much of the Church has also contributed in this regard.

The Church’s Compromise

The 1999 Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion ($1.24 million award) was given to scientist Ian Barbour who stated in an interview concerning his work for which he received this accolade, “You simply can’t any longer say as traditional Christians that death was God’s punishment for sin. Death was around long before human beings. Death is a necessary aspect of an evolutionary world.”

Sadly, much of the Church has accepted the view that millions of years of death (in the fossil record) preceded the arrival of man on this planet. Thus death, bloodshed, disease (there is evidence of much disease like cancer, arthritis, etc. in the fossil bones), and violence existed for millions of years leading up to man. After God finished creating man and the animals, the Bible states that God said that “everything He made was very good.” Thus, with this compromise with Scripture, death, bloodshed, disease, and violence would actually be seen as “very good.”

How then can the Church give an answer to those asking “why?” in regard to these terrible school killings? Imagine a pastor who believes in millions of years sitting down with a student who says that he would like to shoot his classmates. The following could be the conversation:

“Billy, you can’t kill your fellow classmates like that. You must love your fellow man as God loves. There is a God of love, Billy.” “Pastor?” “Yes, Billy.” “Pastor, do you believe in millions of years before man? Do you believe the fossil record is millions of years old?” “Yes, why, Billy?” “Well it’s a record of death, disease, bloodshed, and violence, right?” “Yes, Billy—that’s true.” “Well, according to the Bible then, God described this as very good?” “Well —yes.” “Well, pastor, I am loving as God loves. Death, bloodshed, violence, and suffering have always been a part of how God loves.”

The point is, those in the Church who have added millions of years to the Bible have to admit that Billy—and not the pastor—is being the consistent one. It’s only the Christian who believes in a literal Genesis and understands that death, bloodshed, violence, suffering, and disease are a consequence of sin (our sin because we are descendants of the first man Adam) who can talk about a real God of love (who provided His Son as a sacrifice for our sin to suffer death for us). He gives the answer as to why this is a groaning and violence-filled world.

As a ministry, we want to help defuse these “bombs” and provide these students (and teachers) in the public school system with the truth about their origins so that they will understand that they are made in the image of God, are sinners separated from their Creator, but that they can be saved for eternity, and know purpose and meaning in life through Jesus Christ. To that end, Answers in Genesis and its book Teaching About Evolution, and our publisher Master Books, are subsidizing a special outreach to public schools. Our new book Refuting Evolution, critiques the major arguments for evolution used in public schools and colleges. It is an easy-to-read critique of the major arguments for evolution presented to public schools by the NAS and its book Teaching About Evolution. We believe it is one of the greatest witnessing tools available to teach students and teachers today. This book normally sells for $10.99. These books, however, can be purchased from Answers in Genesis at highly subsidized prices, provided they are given away free to public school students and their teachers (and even school board members). In addition, full time students and teachers in public schools can purchase a copy from us at the subsidized price.

We would love to see Christians getting on the offensive and handing these books out to public school students and teachers across the nation. The world needs to know that Christians are not going to sit back and let evolutionary humanism take over. We are going to stand up and be counted, and fight back so generations can hear the truth. Let’s counteract the evolutionary indoctrination and brainwashing that has led millions astray.

Perhaps churches could use this as a mission outreach for their area and buy bulk quantities of these books for their school district. There are many different ways to get these to students. They could be handed to them outside the school grounds as they leave school, for instance. Call the media—let them know you will be doing this. Let’s be aggressive and let the world know Christians are fighting this battle! (See page ___ on how to legally pass out Christian literature on sidewalks abutting public schools). Subsidized prices for Refuting Evolution (Note: These are for public school students and teachers in public school at this price):

Single copies (1-9): $1.50 each plus $5 postage
10-95 copies: $1.25 each plus 30% postage
96 or more: $1.00 each plus 20% postage

You may call our customer service number at 1-800-778-3390 or see p. 5 of our special offer sheet in this newsletter.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,
Ken Ham

Designers working on museum project!

AiG’s Creation Museum—which will present a “walk through history” of the world from Genesis 1 to the present—is now in the design phase, with project engineers and architects working on the layout of the museum and the grounds. This is ongoing despite a frivolous lawsuit that has been filed to stop the rezoning of the 47 acres of property for the 95,000-square-foot facility, which would also serve as AiG’s new headquarters.

AIG staff have been meeting with engineers to set project deadlines and discuss design features. “Because the museum project will be built as donations come in, it’s not possible to give a specific timeline for its completion,” declared Ken Ham. “It will take many months of planning and securing the necessary building permits, but my hope is that God will lead His people to support the museum, and that perhaps by the fall of 2001, this God-honoring facility will be open to the public.”

Ham is confident that the lawsuit filed by a small (but vocal) group of opponents in June to have the courts stop the museum will not delay land preparation and construction. AIG is calling for depositions to be conducted immediately.

The Fiscal Court (i.e., county commissioners) of Boone County voted 3-1 in May to approve AiG’s rezoning application on this property west of the Cincinnati airport in Boone County, Kentucky. A lawsuit was filed by a family residing near the site and by a couple who live more than two miles away. The latter couple, who have expressed “concerns” about traffic, sewage, etc., resorted to spreading false rumors (i.e., that AIG is a “cult’). These rumors continue even though they are aware that dozens of Bible-believing churches in the region have signed petitions or resolutions in support of AIG. Also, 3,000 area residents have signed petitions or written letters in support of the museum. “As soon as the rezoning becomes final,” declared Ham, “we’ll finish our video on the museum to send to supporters of the ministry, as well as a brochure describing our thrilling Bible-honoring project.”

Ham radio!

One of the ways Ken Ham’s radio feature “Answers” has grown to include more than 250 stations in America has been through our AiG supporters.

After printing a brief article earlier this year suggesting that supporters approach their local radio stations about broadcasting our :90 “Answers…with Ken Ham” radio program, one AiG friend by the name of Gail in South Carolina enthusiastically undertook this project. She indicated that it was not very difficult for her to get our program on the air. She reported to us that: “I simply called the station and asked when I might come at a good time to hand deliver the radio program (on compact disc). At my meeting the station was very receptive, and they are now broadcasting ‘Answers’.”

Gail was aware that stations want to know what their listeners are thinking and suggesting. She has joined many others who have been able to get our “Answers” radio program heard on more than 290 stations worldwide, to whom we are very grateful.

If you would like to hand deliver a sample copy of our broadcast on CD (containing 45 programs with answers to frequently asked questions about Genesis) to your local station, please call John Williamson of Ambassador Advertising in California at (714) 738-1501, ext. 227. Ambassador, our radio representatives, will send you the CD at no charge. Mr. Williamson will encourage you to listen to the CD before you make your appointment to see the station manager so that your words of endorsement will be even more effective.

[Ed note: This contact information is now outdated. Please see our Radio Stations page for the latest contact information.]

Thank you for considering this “creation evangelism” opportunity to get Bible-defending truths to your local station’s radio audience!

New stations: We are happy to announce that the following stations are now carrying our Answers…with Ken Ham radio feature:

ALABAMA Mobile/Pensacola
WBHY-FM 88.5 7x ROS


OHIO Wauseon
WYSA-FM 88.5 MF 12:35PM


WISCONSIN Sturgeon/Green Bay


Dear AiG: I recently converted thanks to Ken Ham and his books and videos. I am “hot” for Christianity.—L.J., Broken Arrow, OK

Dear AiG: Thank you for the AiG video series. It gives me more information with which to prepare my four children to defend their faith and to lead my small Bible study group. My oldest is going away to college in the fall of 2000 and I want to be sure I have her ready to face the world.—B.L. (by e-mail)

Dear AiG: Thank you for your web site ( I am starting over and giving my all to Jesus Christ. I want nothing more than to raise my children with the love of God in their lives, and that they make all of the right decisions while here on Earth. Thank you for your site that helps so many.—K.R. (by e-mail)

Dear AiG: Thank you for your ministry. You have saved me from failing my family as a father. I can not express how much this means to me.—M.W., Snellville, GA

Dear AiG: I thank God for the ministry of AiG. Creation ministry is foundational to all ministries in the Church, and to the authority, infallibility, and inerrancy of God’s Word. We need to call the church back to the total authority and veracity of the Bible. The video from Ken Ham, “The Genesis Solution,” woke me up originally.—G.A., Wichita, KS

Dear AiG: Hi, I really liked you coming to our classroom to talk to us. I now know that “millions of years” is wrong. I believe in God, and He knows everything and He is never wrong.—N.D.,

Student Dear AiG: I learned a lot from the talk you gave to us about the Grand Canyon and how it was formed. And also when you talked about how you can’t prove evolution if you were not there. I hope you come back next year.—G.S.,

Student Dear AiG: I was born and raised in Spain; I live in Puerto Rico. I have been enriched spiritually and mentally by the excellent articles in Creation magazine. Recently, I was especially gratified by Ken Ham’s article about inter-racial marriage. It was clearly written with solid, Biblical arguments. Having graduated from (a well-known Christian college) two years ago, I have experienced first hand the flawed teaching that tries to make a Biblical issue out of marrying someone with a different skin color. I was thrilled and refreshed to discover that a respectable periodical and fellow Christians are speaking out against this damaging issue. Thank you for your stand.—D.F., Puerto Rico

Creation Evangelism in Action!

Creation Clubs refute evolution!

For the past year, AIG has conducted an intensive new outreach to public schools to counter evolutionary indoctrination. These Creation Clubs now number over 110 and we know of at least 77 young people who have been saved through the clubs!

As Ken Ham writes in his cover story this month, humanists have been initiating programs around the country to indoctrinate young people in evolutionary and humanistic thinking. We firmly believe that Christians must counter this by equipping students and teachers with Bible-defending resources.

As the school year begins shortly, AIG will continue to enable teachers and students in public schools (as well as a few Christian schools) to form Creation Clubs. We are currently looking for teachers and/or students who are willing to set up new clubs to become a staging ground for outreach in their school. We also certainly welcome “Bible Clubs” already in existence to get involved. Please become a part of this vital outreach.

If your public school has a practice of permitting “non-curricular” clubs and…

  • If you are a teacher, you can mentor a student-led Creation Club in your school.
  • If you are a parent or a student, you can ask teachers to mentor a student-led Creation Club.
  • If you are a parent or a student, you can sponsor a club yourself.
  • If you are already a sponsor or student leader of an already established “Bible Club,” you can receive our materials for use in your current club.

To help you get started, we would be glad to send you an introductory packet of club materials. Should you decide to become a mentor/sponsor, you will receive (for club use):

  1. A one-year complimentary subscription to Creation magazine
  2. A monthly student newsletter, well illustrated and easy to understand, called the X-Nilo Files
  3. Free resources such as videos, audiotapes, books, etc. to pass out to club members.

[Ed. note: See our creation clubs site for updated information.]

More importantly, let’s present the creation/gospel message to our young people!

Refute evolution in your public school!

We have an exciting “creation evangelism” opportunity for you as the school year begins soon. It is a project that could effect the public education system in your area for many years to come.

Our public schools are increasingly teaching that evolution is a fact. Last year, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) made a book available to public schools to help teachers incorporate more evolution in their classes; moreover, they were instructed to teach evolution as fact!

The NAS book is highly misleading, and frankly, does not tell the truth about many issues concerning the origins” question. What can you do to combat this evolutionary brainwashing, which has been intensifying over the years?

AIG scientist Dr. Jonathan Sarfati has written a rebuttal of the NAS book. Entitled Refuting Evolution, it is a general critique of the most up-to-date arguments that educators put forward in the NAS book to support evolution. As the school year will begin shortly, Refuting Evolution is a book that should be read by all Christian parents who send their children to public schoolsÉand by all educators as well. Also, because it is a current, easy-to-read refutation of evolution, it will be an excellent addition to any person’s library.

But how can we get this book to students and teachers in public schools? Imagine the press that Christians would receive if they and their churches across this nation bought quantities of Refuting Evolution to offer to students and teachers in their local public schools? They could be distributed through “sidewalk evangelism.” Let me quote directly from the publication “Witnessing: The New Frontiers,” published by the Christian Law Association: “Soul winners who are interested in reaching public school students often choose to witness from the public forum of sidewalks which abut school property. These sidewalks provide an excellent setting for reaching students because student traffic on these sidewalks is heavy and the government’s ability to regulate free speech activity on such sidewalks is slight. All citizens have an absolute right to share their faith in the traditional public forums of streets and parks this absolute right is subject only to limited controls in the interest of public safety and order.” (See Bacon V. Bradly-Bourbonnains High School District, 707 F. Supp. 1005 C.D. Ill. 1989).

Putting stock in creation!

Many AIG supporters have recently discovered that their donations of stock can be both a blessing to AiG and to themselves.

Donors of stock can benefit in two ways. First, they get to contribute more than they likely invested in the beginning, and their income tax deduction will be the larger donated amount, not the smaller initial outlay.

For example, let’s say that you bought stock for $3,000. By the time you are to make your donation, let’s say the stock has appreciated to $10,000. You actually spent much less than the $10,000, but the non-profit organization gets the full $10,000, and you get to add $10,000 to your income tax deductions.

Secondly, by donating the stock to the ministry, you will avoid paying tax on $7,000 in capital gains. You can still avoid (legally) capital gains if you have the $10,000 in cash and do not want to part with your stock. You can buy back the stock at $10,000 and raise your cost basis, thereby lessening future capital gains.

A very common financial mistake made by donors is not taking full advantage of tax breaks they can obtain for contributing things like stocks to non-profit ministries.

For more information, contact Paul Laude, CFP, at ext. 302.


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