Giving Thanks


Answers in Genesis has so much to be thankful for!

It's Thanksgiving time again, and Answers in Genesis has so much to be thankful for! God has truly blessed us and caused us to prosper. We are particularly thankful for our faithful supporters who constantly hold us up in prayer.

It is always encouraging to hear from people who let us know how the Lord is using our ministry. These notes of thanks arrive in the form of phone calls, letter, and emails. Today we would like to share some of those emails with you, so that you may be encouraged by them as well.

Please feel free to contact us if you too have something you would like to share.

Standing Up for the Truth

I love this! I am so happy to be getting these e-mails from you! I send them out to others. Unfortunately I have at least one...maybe two people who hate it when I send “religious” things to them...I still do it and they have not blocked my e-mails...even though they say, “I cannot look at things like this, I do not read the Bible except for certain times in church when we would attend.” Hmmmm...I send it to them anyhow. Thank you so much for your “stand ups” for the truth...and to keep it going!

—J.G., U.S.

Conservative Lutheran Pastor

I just read your posting “Liberal Lutheran Pastor...” with a heavy heart. I am a member of a conservative Lutheran denomination (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod), and I believe that faithfulness to the Word of God is absolutely essential for churches to remain healthy. We use many of your materials, because we believe they are Biblically sound. Careful reading of the Scriptures is essential for good teaching. Too often we listen to the voices of our culture instead of God's Word. We have used Already Gone with leaders in our congregation, and do believe that you have touched on a very important issue for churches to consider. It did take more than 10 minutes to read, but it was worth it. Keep up the good work!

—A.S., U.S.

True Knowledge of God

What a moment of truth for the one who said it's almost a crime to have children choose between science and God. She just didn't know that the dictionary defines science as “knowledge; a way of knowing.” Her chosen “way of knowing” excludes the Creator God! They are “worshiping” the god of knowledge. They need Wisdom as spoken of in Proverbs 3 – knowledge of God.

May the Spirit of the Living God work in their hearts!

—J.D., U.S.

Thank You!

Thanks for all the great work! Keep it up!


Creation College

Dear Brother Ham,

[This is] just a thank you for Creation College 3 last summer. Although I have taught a creationism class in a Bible college for over 30 years, CC3 gave me new perspectives and changed my thinking in key areas. I was inspired and energized to do a better job as I teach this fall. In addition, the books The Ultimate Proof and Already Gone have already made me a better Sunday school teacher to our teens and to the adults I often have the opportunity to teach. Thanks to you and Brothers Beemer and Lilse for those most practical books. In addition, please accept my thanks for coming to our needy country and working as an apologetics missionary here. God knew we needed you and the work you have founded!

Librarian and Professor in General Studies
Appalachian Bible College

Impressive Web site

I enjoyed your Web site and particularly your comments concerning “Idiot America.” I am not particularly religious but was impressed with your site and arguments.

—R.R., U.S.

Teaching Children

This is not a question, but a comment. I have read Already Gone and I agree with the book. I experienced a real problem with creation taught in church and evolution taught in school. It took me years to come to the right conclusion concerning Genesis. I am simply a lay person who has taught children 30 plus years in our church. The children love it, and it is what I always wanted to teach but didn't have the resources available. I have already seen very positive results in our children. Keep it coming, and please be correct in all you do, because I know these children are taking what they are learning now to public school with them, and they have questions for their teachers. We serve a mighty God, don't we? Thanks for listening, and God bless.

—D.F., U.S.


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