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Here is a unique angle on our Creation Museum—as found in a local magazine. Cincinnati Magazine is featuring a long article on our Creation Museum in the current (November) issue, with the title “And on the Sixth Day, God Created Paleontologists.”

This year we have had three groups of evolutionary scientists visit the museum—one of them was this past Saturday (for those who had been attending a conference on Charles Darwin in Cincinnati). And there was another on August 7, when 285 atheists/agnostics toured the museum. The first evolutionist group was back in June, when about 70 paleontologists who were attending a convention in Cincinnati toured the museum. It was this visit that provided the backdrop to the long article in Cincinnati Magazine. Our museum is close to Cincinnati.

Although the magazine article featured the major differences that the paleontologists had with the museum’s teachings, many compliments were paid by the evolutionist paleontologists (as well as the magazine’s writer) on the quality of the museum. Here are some quotes from this month’s long magazine article:

  • “Landscaping that rivals Eden itself.”
  • “A huge parking lot filling up faster than Walmart on Black Friday.”
  • “Families queuing in front of a huge, sleek, handsome institution that might have been at home in any major city…”
  • “The museum itself has been masterful at getting exposure.”
  • A professor at Tulane University in Louisiana, looking at one of our fossil display cases, remarked to the magazine: “That’s a pretty good crinoid.” The magazine writer indicated that he said it “with sincere admiration.”
  • The “museum has incorporated the latest technology and exhibit design ideas. And nearly everything has a way of engaging children.”
  • “Sculpted museum figures … are done with real artistry.”
  • One of the speakers at the Cincinnati paleontology conference admitted that the museum has “some beautiful bones.”
  • A well-known scientist at the conference and teaches at a Cleveland-based college stated the following about the museum’s gardens and pavilions: “’It’s so beautiful.’ She quickly added: ‘It’s insidious, really. It seems criminal to lead kids into a situation where they have to choose between science and God.’”
  • The host of the conference, at the end of the visit, took “a walk around the parking lot and counts the number of different state license plates. ‘Thirty-five on one summer day,’ he says.”
  • “Last summer, two busloads of scientists were schooled in Young Earth creationism, dinosaur storage on Noah’s Ark, and the tempting possibility that dragons existed. Were they convinced? No. Impressed? You bet.”
The article also brings up some other negatives about the museum as expressed by the paleontologists, including: that we (falsely) believe that “reason is evil” and we have a supposed belief that “reason is not highly prized in Christianity”; plus there is the mistake that the museum allegedly teaches that Noah’s Flood “deposited the entire fossil record in one final swoop.” (We actually teach that the majority was laid down, not all of it.)

Also, the host of the tour claimed that the museum teaches that people like him who accept evolution are “evil”—although Dr. Terry Mortenson of our staff countered that statement in the next paragraph: “It’s not an issue of people against people; it’s about ideas.” The author then writes about Terry’s beliefs: “If you’re really paying attention, it is sin that is getting the blame.” Terry adds: “It’s human rebellion against the creator that has produced all the evil.”

It’s a fascinating and overall well-written article. We’re very happy to read these positive comments even when they come from those who are opposed to our message (even though some of the comments are meant as back-handed compliments).

Please pray with us that the many thousands of readers of this magazine will consider paying a visit to a museum that’s right in their back yard.

New Perspective

We continue to receive great feedback from our summer Creation College 3 conference—here is one from this week:
Just a thank you for Creation College 3 last summer.  Although I have taught a creationism class in a Bible college for over 30 years, CC3 gave me new perspectives and changed my thinking in key areas.  I was inspired and energized to do a better job as I teach this fall.  In addition, the books The Ultimate Proof and Already Gone have already made me a better Sunday school teacher to our teens and to the adults I often have the opportunity to teach.  Thanks to you and Brothers Beemer and Lisle for those most practical books.  In addition, please accept my thanks for coming to our needy country and working as an apologetics missionary here.  God knew we needed you and the work you have founded!

Answers for Darwin Conference in Tennessee

This Sunday and Monday I will be speaking in Tennessee at an Answers For Darwin conference at Faith Baptist Church, Bartlett (near Memphis).  You can find out the details from the calendar on AiG’s website.

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