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Today I received a fax from our office of an extensive (8 page) article from Esquire magazine (I have never heard of it before, but it can't be a very nice magazine based on some of the language they use) entitled: "Greetings from Idiot America." The subheading states: "Creationism, Intelligent Design, Faith-based this, Trust-your-gut that. There's never been a better time to espouse, profit from, and believe in utter, unadulterated [expletive deleted], and the [expletive deleted] is rising so high, it's getting dangerous."

And guess whom they are talking about? Answers in Genesis. It's probably one of the worst pieces of tabloid "journalism" I've seen. It's interesting to see where articles on AiG are turning up these days. I think the reporter wrote this article before he visited AiG and then visited and filled in some blanks! He had a vicious anti-God agenda. His mind was made up way before he ever came to the premises.


Here at the Word of Life conference, I've had two people hand me pages from two different East Coast newspapers that carried a major story about the Creation Museum with my picture prominently featured on their front page. We didn't even know these papers carried the stories.


I had a different sort of "mountaintop experience" today. During the afternoon break, I hiked up a mountain with Larry Pierce, producer of On-Line Bible and editor of the Modern English publication of James Ussher's The Annals of the World. We took some photos on the top of the mountain (see attached photos). One shows me "relaxing" reading my emails!


One of our museum Charter Members sent this email after attending the recent "Behind the Scenes" program at AiG:

Last week I must admit I was not looking forward to the 6-7 hour drive to and from the museum before I left Michigan. Anymore driving gets to be tiring. I was excited about seeing the museum so I figured that would sustain me going down, it was more the return trip home that I was dreading. However, after being around 500+ people that stand for a literal Genesis, not to mention the friendly and helpful AIG staff, and after sitting in on the inspiring presentations by Ken and Dr. Lisle, when I left Friday afternoon, I felt like I had been to a revival meeting! It was truly the highlight of this year for me and I wanted to let you know so you could pass this on to the rest of the folks. I look forward to next years tours and am already lining up guests to bring. Thanks for all you are doing to proclaim Christ from the very first verse.


Our Director of Outreach, Tom Miller sent me this report about the recent announcement of our video outreach program. As you read this, keep in mind that an "event" could actually involve quite a number of different engagements, etc.

I want to share the latest update on the Video Conference Ministry with you. We are very excited about the response that the Lord has provided for a growing need! As of this writing, we already have 35 application requests for the video conference coordinator opportunities. These requests are from individuals and husband/wife teams who are interested in serving the Lord and supporting AiG's mission to share the truth of God's Word through this exciting ministry opportunity.

As you know, the number of requests for AiG speaking engagements continues to grow at an astounding rate. For 2005, we will complete over 350 events. In 2004, we completed 289 total events. As we look forward to 2006, we already have 54 events locked in with over 270 requests in process! People are hungry for the truth and they are searching for answers. The Outreach team is working hard to support each request, but we are approaching a point where we simply will not be able to keep up with the demand for our speakers. The heart of this ministry is that we not neglect any church or organization that seeks to equip others to defend their faith.

Through prayer and some long hours of focus, the Lord has brought about the Video Conference ministry. The purpose of this ministry is to meet the needs of smaller churches and organizations that otherwise may not be addressed. We will have trained, certified presenters who will be able to visit these smaller venues and offer resources and professional video presentations (of AiG speakers).

We have set up a location on the AiG website for anyone interested in more information. They can go to the Video Conference Coordinator page to learn more about this exciting opportunity. We praise God for exceeding our expectations and we look forward to moving forward with this exciting ministry opportunity.


A man shared with me tonight that he was recently baptized---he had become a Christian just about a year ago. He said his wife was witnessing to him and he started going through the Bible to point out all its contradictions, defects, etc., but then he read the The New Answers Book 1, and as a result he realized the Bible was real history and so he became a Christian.

The Word Of Life conference continues Saturday. Thanks for your prayers.


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