Tooling Around Ancient Africa



Evolutionary researchers say they have uncovered the world’s oldest archaeological find: stone tools found in Kenya, going back a supposed 3.3 million years. Interestingly, the proposed date pushes early tools to the time of the ape-like Lucy (3.2 million years) and close to the time of the Laotoli footprints (3.6 million years).


A newly discovered stone tool featured on a recent cover of Nature magazine is challenging secular assumptions.

Researchers indicated that the tools were created before the arrival of modern humans, yet they were surprised that hominids already had the ability to fashion sharp-edged tools. In other words, the tools were more advanced than what might have been expected for supposed proto-humans.

Biblical creationists, however, are not surprised by this discovery. The Bible talks about the ability of craftsmen to work with bronze and iron early in history, only seven generations after Adam (Genesis 4:22). Evolutionists keep refining their dates as they find more information, but the history recorded in Genesis doesn’t change.

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