Homo floresiensis
This skull is quite small leading many to call these individuals “hobbits”

Homo floresiensis


The Finding of Homo floresiensis

Mystifying human fossils were found on the island of Flores, Indonesia. These adult humans, first estimated to be about 18,000 years old, were just three feet tall. The scientific name for these fossils is Homo floresiensis. However, they have been affectionately nicknamed “hobbits.

What is the Homo floresiensis?

Starting with the biblical worldview, there are only three options for what the hobbits could be: 1) nonhuman species (one of the ape kinds), 2) true humans, but a disease or poor nutrition prevented them from achieving a more normal size, 3) true humans whose small stature represented the created variation.

Conclusion about Homo floresiensis

Ever since the discovery of tiny human skeletons in Liang Bua cave on the Indonesian island of Flores a decade ago, anthropologists have debated their origins. The Homo floresiensis—nicknamed “hobbits”—were clearly human. Where did such small people come from?

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