Australopithecus sediba

Sediba-Ape . . . Human . . . a Missing Link?

Scientists in 2011 published a series of articles providing a detailed analysis of a relatively new alleged human ancestor—Australopithecus sediba. Rather than providing clues to human ancestryAustralopithecus sediba makes the human evolutionary story much more complicated. Indeed, characteristics of Au. sediba support the creationist case of created kinds and the idea that the Australopithecines represent an extinct kind of arboreal ape.

Sediba’s Diet—Tree Bark?

“Human Ancestors Ate Bark—Food in Teeth Hints at Chimplike Origins” Bits of plant material from Australopithecus sediba’s teeth sneak a peek at diet. Analysis of phytoliths—tiny bits of plant material found fossilized in their dental calculus—suggests Au. sediba ate a variety of foods that included bark.

Sashaying or Staggering to the Throne?

Should sediba overshadow Lucy, or are both pretenders to the throne in human origins? Since Australopithecus sediba’s “hat” was tossed in the ring as a candidate for the oldest human evolutionary ancestor (so-called) by its discoverer Lee Berger, evolutionary paleontologists have debated several of Berger’s claims.

Articles About Australopithecus sediba


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