Grandparents have a unique opportunity and responsibility to proclaim the works and goodness of the Lord to their children’s children that the next generation might praise the Lord. Grandpas and Grandmas can powerfully impact the lives of their grandchildren for eternity so that “the next generation, the children yet unborn, should set their hope in God” (Psalm 78:5–7).

Passing on the Faith for Godly Generations

If we don’t transmit our knowledge of God to the next generation, it will be lost. Those that follow may not have any means of regaining it, and they probably won’t even be aware of the need to do so.

Post-Grandkid Visit Checklist

Ken Ham shares a humorous post-visit checklist based on real experience with his many grandchildren. You could probably add lots more!

Tips for Writing a Will

Do you ever wonder what the future holds? With a good plan, you can trust God with the confidence that your family will be well-cared-for if He takes you out of this life unexpectedly.

Articles About Grandparents


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