Grandparents—One of God’s Greatest Gifts

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(Guest blog by Dr. Georgia Purdom)

When pondering what to write for this guest blog, several experiences over the last few weeks convinced me this was a great topic. When we adopted our daughter Elizabeth from China 2-½ years ago, I really missed my own mother who had died 9 years earlier. She would have been a “great” grandmother. Fortunately, I have my mother-in-law who has been a great support to me in the absence of my own mother. She stepped right in and took on the role of grandmother shortly after we arrived home.

Grandma Purdom was the one meeting Elizabeth’s needs while we tried to recover from the 13-hour time change! Grandma Purdom was there when Elizabeth had her first ear infection and took care of her so I could teach my classes (I was a college professor at the time). Grandma Purdom is the one who’s talented with the sewing machine and crochet needles and makes the cutest outfits for Elizabeth to wear. Grandma Purdom is the one who calls with tidbits of advice on many subject matters learned from years of experience of raising her own two boys. Last week Elizabeth was very sick and Grandma Purdom was the one who went to the post office almost every day to mail her a card or package. Grandpa Purdom is the one Elizabeth can count on for a good lap to sit on when watching monster truck rallies together. He’s also great for those evening tea parties. Grandpa Hickman (my dad) is the one who lets his granddaughter adorn him with jewelry and act silly just to make her laugh. And who also feeds her chocolate addiction by buying her M&M’s!

Elizabeth is only three years old, so toys, candy, and pretty clothes are something that she enjoys receiving. But someday, she’ll want more—she’ll want answers to questions that her friends, the media, and society in general are asking her concerning the truthfulness of the Bible. This was made particularly apparent to me in an email I recently received from a grandfather in the UK:

Some four years ago I was looking on the Internet to see if I could find some help, my grandchildren were coming home from school telling me all about what the teachers were telling them about Darwin, and the wonders of evolution. I was appalled at what was being put into their young minds. I had to brush up on my understanding of creation. I had no problem with creation as taught in the Bible, but putting together a constructive and convincing counter position was something I would have do, some hard work would be needed to achieve this. It was then that I came in contact with Answers in Genesis. And what a blessing that has been.

The problem I now have, is that their questions are getting much more difficult, and I am “Past my Sell by Date.” I’m 75, but they still expect me to come up with the answers!! So I wonder if I may ask you a question about DNA?

What an amazing testimony this grandfather is giving his grandchildren! He is not going to let his age stop him from learning more and helping educate his grandchildren on the authority of the Bible. I have spoken with many grandparents who are so excited to bring their grandchildren to the Creation Museum. Some grandparents hope that by showing their grandchildren the truth, it will open the eyes of their own children who are heavily entrenched in evolutionary beliefs. Elizabeth’s grandparents receive Answers magazine and are equipping themselves to help educate her on the importance of the truth of Scripture even at a young age. So if you are a grandparent and reading this, thank you, and don’t think you’re ever past your “sell date”—your grandchildren need you. If you are a parent or child, be sure to take the time today to thank God for the grandparents He has given you and take the time to thank them too.

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