Fighting Evolutionary Bombardment


“I would like to tell you what a blessing your website has been to me.”

I would like to tell you what a blessing your website has been to me. I grew up in a Christian home, and have always had a belief in God. As a child, I believed in a literal, six-day creation, because that was what the Bible said, and since the Bible is the word of God, it had to be right. In school, however, I was taught the standard evolutionary doctrine. Evolution, unsurprisingly, was taught as if it were verified, proven fact. I continued to believe in God, but now I also believed in evolution, and so I ended up developing a form of theistic evolution. I had back-slidden in my teens and early twenties, so it did not cause me any problems then, although I was aware that there was a discrepancy between the Genesis account of creation and evolution. It became a serious problem about a year ago when my wife and I re-dedicated our lives to God. It seemed as if I was bombarded with an avalanche of evolutionary propaganda after that. Evolutionary scientists seemed to have such overwhelming evidence that the universe and life made itself, that there was no place for God; that it quickly eroded my faith. I never lost my belief in God, but I came very close. It was a real struggle to maintain my faith in the face of the evolutionary onslaught I was facing. I prayed to God to help me, and He led me to your website. The articles on your site revealed to me the truth behind evolution, and has helped to restore my faith in God, which is now stronger than it has ever been. Your mission is a truly vital one, and I pray that it may continue to grow and help others as it helped me.

–R. M., US


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