Common Code . . . Common Designer?

Evolutionists often point to the universal genetic code as proof of evolution from a common ancestor. Yet they struggle with the fact that the genetic code of most life on earth commonly uses only 20 amino acids, and only rarely uses up to 22. In a world of random chance, what are the odds that almost all lifeforms would use the same basic genetic code?

But evolutionists also struggle with the amazing complexity of the genome. Many parts are required to produce, transcribe, maintain, and repair the genetic codes of all life forms. At the level of cells, there are molecular machines that exhibit such exquisite levels of design that they resemble man-made machines.

Evolution of one molecular machine is impossible enough, let alone multiple molecular machines evolving correctly at the exact same time. And if any part fails to evolve correctly, the organism dies. Intelligence is required to provide not only the parts but also the precise way those parts work together.

More Complex Than Computer Code

We often marvel at the complexity of computer programs and what they can accomplish, but all computer programs are based on a binary code of 0s and 1s, while the genetic code is quaternary (A, C, G, and T). A quaternary code is far more complex than a binary code, and an entire language with grammar and syntax is associated with DNA.

No Chance in a Billion Years

The evolutionist must appeal to chance rather than Divine design, but does chance really stand a chance? The answer is no.

Chances are actually in favor of evolution not being true because it cannot overcome the odds. The age of the universe in an evolutionary worldview—from the big bang to now—is not even a fraction of a percentage of the time it would take to develop a quaternary code of language like the genetic code.

The fact that all life shares a common genetic code points to a common Designer—not common ancestry.


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