The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! Lesson 2

Dinosaur History (Part 1)

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Continue developing the student’s ability to understand and interpret data through “Biblical glasses” (a Biblical worldview).


  • Genesis 1:24–25, 28
  • Genesis 3:21
  • Hebrews 2:8


Teachers should read the Scripture and text for each lesson prior to teaching it. You should be able to answer the questions below prior to asking them of the student. We have included page numbers from the text where answers are found. Extra understanding can be gained by reading the footnotes for this section (see p. 114–130).


To continue developing the student’s ability to understand and interpret data through “Biblical glasses” (a Biblical worldview).


Have the student read Scripture out loud. Have student read the text, pp. 18–24.


  1. How do we know dinosaurs actually existed? Be specific. (pp. 18–19)
  2. How do paleontologists determine the bones they find were likely from a dinosaur? (pp. 18–19)
  3. What characteristics were common among dinosaurs? (p. 115)
  4. How do evolutionists assign ages to dinosaur bones? (pp. 19–21)
  5. List some assumptions behind the dating methods used by evolutionists. (pp. 117–120)
  6. What is the meaning of the word day as it is used in Genesis 1? (pp. 23, 24)
  7. List what God created on each of the six days of creation.
  8. According to the Biblical worldview, when were dinosaurs created? (p. 21)
  9. According to the Biblical worldview, how old are dinosaur bones? (p. 21)
  10. Give two examples that show dinosaur bones cannot be millions of years old. (pp. 18–21)
  11. Describe what some people believe dinosaurs looked like. (p. 22) On what do they base these conclusions? (p. 22)
  12. List some examples of so-called “transitional forms” between dinosaurs and birds, and tell why these fossils are not “transitional”? (See Get Answers: Dinosaurs).


Many ideas people have about dinosaurs are based on a belief framework which is directly opposed to Biblical creation. The Bible reveals the true history about when dinosaurs were created and why they died.

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