Dinosaurs Contrasted with Birds: Breeding Age
Some scientists believe the supposed “proto-feathers” are really just collagen fibers

Dinosaurs Contrasted with Birds: Breeding Age


National Geographic News: “Dinosaurs Had Sex As Youths, Study Says

It turns out dinosaur youths may have been promiscuous—or so hints research co-authored by Florida State University evolutionary biologist and paleontologist Gregory Erickson and Science Museum of Minnesota paleontologist Kristina Curry Rogers. Their study, published in Biology Letters, describes how “[b]irdlike dinosaurs did not wait until they were fully grown to start having sex” (in case you were wondering). What’s so surprising about the news? (Not that it would be surprising to us—as we’ve stated before, God would have provided Noah with young animals that were still small, easier to transport, yet able or soon able to reproduce.) National Geographic News reports:

Early sexual maturity aligns more with modern-day crocodiles than birds—a surprise because most scientists believe birds are akin to modern dinosaurs.

Evolutionists have long propped up a supposed dinosaur–bird evolutionary connection to explain the origin of birds.

Birds, as opposed to these dinosaurs, “don’t start mating until well after they are fully grown.” The article points out the dilemma for evolutionary paleontologists: “[g]iven all these similarities, researchers thought they would find dinosaurs grew up and reproduced like birds, too.” That’s because evolutionists have long propped up a supposed dinosaur–bird evolutionary connection to explain the origin of birds.

Of course, scientists should see this discovery as a potential flaw in their dino-to-bird hypothesis (filled with holes already; see below), but, as expected, this is simply seen as a “distinguishing feature” since evolutionists are already confident in their assumption of avian origins:

With the dino-bird link established, scientists are beginning to study what traits make birds stand apart from dinosaurs[.]

It seems the more evidence there is against a dinosaur-to-bird ancestry, the more evolutionists pound the drum of this link being “established,” as if repeating it over and over somehow makes it true. For more on this topic, see Did birds really evolve from dinosaurs? in our Dinosaurs.

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