“Dinosaur” in Amber: Evolutionists Spin Another Tail

on December 9, 2016
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The recent spouting by some media outlets of a feathered dinosaur tail preserved in amber may be a case of counting chickens before they’re hatched. A close examination of the specimen indicates that there are feathers, no doubt, barbules and all. Every clear occurrence of feathers in fossils has only demonstrated what should be classified as a bird, if it weren’t for the need to continue to force-feed the dino-to-bird link that many evolutionists seem to require.

Every clear occurrence of feathers in fossils has only demonstrated what should be classified as a bird.

This purchased specimen, though no doubt a real fossil, does not bear the authenticity of a fossil uncovered by a meticulous scientist. But we have no reason to doubt the location where the fossil supposedly originated from or the Mid-Cretaceous amber it was found in (but we would dispute the evolutionary timescale attached to it). By the way, in an evolutionary timescale this creature lived contemporaneously with other birds like Confuciusornis.

What’s the big deal this time? It’s the supposed lack of fusion in the sample’s vertebrae. Supposedly this proves that it’s a feathered dinosaur, not a bird. Keep in mind that the sample is only about 1.5 inches long (3.5 cm) and contains only 8 vertebrae, but most importantly it is from the mid-tail, not the end where we expect to see fusion.

Check back Monday for a more comprehensive analysis from our anatomist, Dr. David Menton (who is calling fowl). At this time, we see no reason to consider this anything but a bird.


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