Slaying the Dragon Myth

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Creationists are seeing increasing success in convincing the public that dinosaurs did not die out 65 million years ago and were actually contemporaneous with humans.

While evolutionists chafe at what they call scientific illiteracy, recent secular reports have unwittingly aided the creationist position.

A Popular Science article suggests that dragons are not necessarily mythological but have a biology based in the “real world” (although not all dragon characteristics are found in a single creature).1 The article states that “most classic dragon characteristics do exist in other species.” Some beetles, for example, display something akin to breathing fire when they shoot chemicals from their abdomen and burn a threatening creature (or human). In addition, studies of fossil pterosaurs show that they had dragon-style wings.

Saint George and the Dragon

Creationists have a logical explanation for dragon legends and argue that these creatures are not mythological at all. Some Bible versions mention “dragons” in several places, and many different and widely separated cultures have legends of people encountering dragons. Although they are sometimes fanciful, these accounts depict dragons as dinosaur-like. But the most compelling case for real historical dragon-human interaction is found in Genesis: land animals were created on Day Six of Creation Week, as was Adam, and so dinosaurs (also known as dragons) were made alongside man.

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  1. Bjorn Carey, “If Evolution Had Taken a Different Turn, Could Dragons Have Existed?,” Popular Science, July 27, 2010,


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