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LiveScience: “( T. Rex Related to Chickens“

It was news that rocked the world of paleontology two years ago: molecular paleontologist Mary Schweitzer and her colleagues reported the discovery of “soft, stretchy” tissue in a T. rex fossil believed to be 68 million years old. Incredibly, Schweitzer and other paleontologists have fiercely held on to their old-age beliefs, concluding that soft tissue must be able to survive such a long period, rather than admitting that the old-earth paradigm is flawed. As confirmation of scientists’ credulity regarding the evolutionary paradigm, note the recent comments of John Asara of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School:

Schweitzer and other paleontologists have fiercely held on to their old-age beliefs, ... rather than admitting that the old-earth paradigm is flawed.

I mean can you imagine pulling a bone out the ground after 68 million years and then getting intact protein sequences? […] That’s just mind boggling how much preservation there is in these bones.”

Asara is quoted in a LiveScience article covering the latest news surrounding the “ancient” bones: the analysis of proteins extracted from them. Asara’s team examined the protein’s chemical structure and found it “showed an evolutionary link between T. rex and chickens, bolstering the idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs.” The “link,” according to the article, is “a remarkable similarity” between the T. rex and chicken amino acid sequences.

For a more detailed look at this study, but from a creationist perspective, read Dr. David Dewitt’s article: Tyrannosaurus rex: a big chicken?

Ultimately, and despite the evolutionary interpretations the T. rex soft tissue will receive, the discovery of intact soft tissue from a supposedly 68-million-year-old fossil is yet another strong indication that the old-age, evolutionary paradigm is flatly wrong.

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