“Re-Digging the Wells”

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This is a time when all Christians must "re-dig the wells."

This is a time when all Christians must “re-dig the wells.” Let me explain.

I have just read some sermons on the topic of revival by the late British preacher Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The Lord laid on my heart a particular application to AiG.

I thought, “All of our supporters are helping us do something that is so desperately needed for this nation’s future-we have been ‘re-digging the wells’ that the Philistines had stopped up.”

You see, in Genesis 26:18 we read: “Isaac dug again the wells of water which had been dug in the days of his father Abraham, for the Philistines had stopped them up after the death of Abraham.

Isaac needed life-giving water to survive in the land. But the Philistines had stopped the flow of water from the wells by filling them in. To get to the vitally needed water supply, Isaac had to work hard to re-dig the wells and overcome what the Philistines had done.

Sadly, we’re in the same situation today. Philistines (the secular humanists) have greatly affected the water supply (i.e., the life-giving water of God’s Word) by filling in the wells (indoctrinating generations of students and their parents in evolutionary ideas and millions of years) … and thus have adversely affected the flow of water.

For example, God’s Word has been basically thrown out of public schools, and the Christian worldview is being removed more and more from the culture.

Answers in Genesis is a ministry that we truly believe God has raised up to help God’s people overcome the work of the Philistines through “re-digging wells.” With this re-digging, the nation can again find what once flowed so freely through the culture-the “living water” of God’s Word.

The “Philistines,” though, are great in number. And much more “digging” is still to be done. Indeed, the “water supply” has been greatly restricted in this nation.

Through all the various outreaches of AiG (including this phenomenally blessed website with up to 52,000 daily visits, an exciting Creation Museum project that is still to be completed, and so on), we are working hard to “re-dig the wells”-to see an abundant supply of God’s “living water” that the culture so desperately needs.

The real difference between what AiG is doing in this day, compared to the great Christian leaders and outreaches of the past, is to promote an understanding of what the Philistines have done in our time to plug up the wells and stop people from even knowing about the “living water” of His Word.

There’s no doubt that the teaching of evolution and millions of years has been the key issue in our present era that has attacked and undermined the authority of the life-changing Word of God in the culture (and, sadly, also in much of the church).

We understand the tools the enemy has used (including the web), and AiG is doing its best to deal with this onslaught. But we couldn’t be as effective without the gifts of God’s people who understand the battle and are willing to sacrificially give to—and pray for—AiG.

If you choose to support AiG’s Bible-proclaiming and evangelistic outreaches with a gift, please know that it would be greatly appreciated and prayerfully applied so that we can continue “re-digging more wells” during these challenging times.

I trust that our website will continue to be a blessing to you.


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