Who’s Indoctrinating Whom?


Critic argues against bias and indoctrination, but is there such a thing as an unbiased viewpoint?

Dear AIG,

Your website is a fascinating look into how Creationist attempt to rationalize the disparity between scientific research and traditionalist superstition. I was raised as a Baptist, and, in my youth, I, like you, laughed at evolution, the "Big Bang Theory", and dinosaurs. Thanks to education and shift from a dominant traditionalist-religious environment to a progressive skeptical environment dedicated to research and innovation, I took a second look at "the other side", as your site would describe my colleagues and I.

Don't get me wrong, AIG, I respect your beliefs and your right to express them. I read the page "The Origin of Races", and was impressed with the thought and research put into the explanation. Right up until I hit the line "The current states of culture of the races, which varies from space age to stone age, from animal worship and spirit worship to Christianity, is not a result of innocent, ignorant people searching for improvement. It is a direct consequence of whether the ancestors of any race worshipped the living God or deliberately rejected Him".

Creationist foam at the mouth when secular teachers "deceive" school children with "lies" about evolution, modern psychological theory, and scientific speculation on the origin of our world. By inserting such "foolishness" into Creationist communities of thought, "the other side" threatens to confuse Judeo-Christian reared children. But yet, AIG and organizations like yourself have no qualms attempting to integrate science and religious dogma. Children raised to question, and thus develop new hypotheses and theories, without regard to antiquated manuscripts written thousands of years ago by men who thought the stars were pin pricks in the sky, stand a better chance of leading our species in the generations to come. Yet AIG encourages easily confused and indoctrinated teens, armed with twisted science marred by ignorance and superstition, to go into their schools and admonish others for their "foolishness".

Before Creationist begin admonishing Evolutionist and scientist for infiltrating their traditionalist communal minds, they need to take a hard look at which "side" they are fighting for. Whether they are fighting on the side of the enlightened or the side of ignorance. Having parents that share your superstitious views, and having read over comments on your site, I have a good idea of the sort of response I can expect from you. Rather than firing off the knee-jerk rhetoric you have been programmed to spout, sit back this afternoon and think about things for a moment…I'm not the one that needs to be enlightened, AIG…you are.


L. N.

Editor's Comment:

"It's not really a question of who is biased, but which bias is the correct bias with which to be biased!"
- Ken Ham

Basis Influence Bias
Atheism No god exists Can't consider creation 100%

Don't care
Don't know
Can't know

Must exclude definite
Role of God open

Deism God deduced No absolutes 100%
Revealed God revealed to man Absolute reference points 100%


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