A Field Day for Evolution

on ; last featured September 5, 2006

Some science museums can be dull institutions that don’t elicit much excitement. Yet they are increasingly becoming culture war battlegrounds.

The ambitious new $17 million “Evolving Planet” exhibit at Chicago’s famed Field Museum almost exudes joy as it attempts to portray the magnificence of life. Ironically, it also presents a cruel story of how life has come about—through the messy mechanism of suffering, bloodshed, and death (survival of the fittest).

The Field’s president recently declared that museums need to be the leaders in defense of evolution.1 Indeed, his massive exhibition joins the ranks of other museums that are engaged in intensive efforts to indoctrinate visitors in the anti-God belief of evolution.

The Answers in Genesis Creation Museum (opening next spring) will have a vastly different theme: the positive message that the Bible is the true history of the Creator’s world, and that He created humans with meaning and purpose.

Watch the progress online! Visit www.CreationMuseum.org.

Answers Magazine

October – December 2006


  1. McCarter, John, Field Museum president, quoted by the Chicago Sun-Times, March 8, 2006.


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