No Choice!

Dr. Georgia Purdom gives her testimony about the path that led her to become a part of AiG.

We live in what's called a "scientific age." People are often awed by its technological achievements. Sadly, though, most people have been falsely led to believe that the same scientific discoveries that have produced marvelous inventions (airplanes, computers, space shuttles) have shown that the Bible's account of creation can't be trusted.

AiG recognizes that we need qualified scientists to enable the creation movement to have powerful answers to defend the Christian faith. Along with the scientists already working at the AiG offices in the USA, Australia, UK, South Africa and Canada, AiG-USA is thrilled to welcome Dr. Georgia Purdom to its staff. Here she gives her testimony about the path that led her to become a part of AiG.

- Ken Ham, AiG-USA president

Five years ago the Lord laid on my heart the necessity of understanding what I believed-and why I believed it-concerning the issue of origins. The scripture 1 Peter 3:15 about being ready to give an answer (a "defense") of my faith became especially important to me. While I could relate the gospel message to someone, that message might not fully make sense if the person did not believe in the Bible in the first place.

I needed to have an answer for the reason for the hope that I had.

I initially sought to find scientific evidences to support a particular viewpoint, whether it be old earth, young earth, gap theory, etc. The first book I read was the work of a scientist within the Intelligent Design (ID) movement, Michael Behe's Darwin's Black Box. Because of my expertise in the area of cell and molecular biology, I found the scientific evidences drawn from these areas to support the existence of an intelligent designer to be fascinating.

I read and studied extensively the ID movement. However, I found it unsatisfactory. Because the ID movement did not name the designer nor include a biblical framework, it would not directly lead people to a relationship with the God of the Bible, which was my ultimate goal.

The following year I attended a creation conference and remember vividly a session on the meaning of the Hebrew word for day, yom. Although I also attended many science sessions at this conference, it was the session concerning the Bible that affected this scientist most.

If I truly believed in biblical authority, then I had no choice but to believe in a literal Genesis.

After hearing all the evidences that the presenter gave for why yom means a literal 24-hour day as it is used in Genesis 1, my whole mindset changed. God said it, that settles it! If I truly believed in biblical authority, then I had no choice but to believe in a literal Genesis and, therefore, a literal 6-day/24-hour-day creation.

Through further readings and conferences sponsored by AiG, ICR and CRS, I began to realize that it's not about there being scientific evidences to support one viewpoint over another but rather what my presuppositions were … and how I interpreted evidences in light of that.

Did I view the world through "biblical glasses" or through the glasses of man's ideas? The Lord then gave me a heart and mind to educate others with this very important message and I began to seek ways that I could become involved in AiG's ministries.

Visit Dr. Purdom's speaker biography page to find out more about this excellent new speaker. To inquire about her as a compelling speaker for your event, go to our website's Request an event page.

It became obvious to me that creation ministries in general do not involve many women in a research, speaking or writing capacity and so I desired to be involved at this level. I feel women can bring a different perspective and reach audiences-such as women's conferences-formerly unreached.

I also wanted to work with the Creation Museum and design projects for adults and children alike.

As my personal dreams were also God's desires, He has allowed me the great opportunity of working with AiG in these capacities, and I eagerly look forward to future ministry opportunities.


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