The Question He Couldn't Answer


After watching his ten-year-old daughter, Annie, die slowly of a painful disease, Charles Darwin found it nearly impossible to believe an all-powerful God could allow such a thing. The inability to reconcile a loving God and a world of suffering ultimately leads to despair and hopelessness.

Today, people still struggle with these questions. The pain of losing a loved one is heightened even more during the winter months when depression is more common. This time of year provides ample opportunity to provide answers to those who are hurting.

One way to offer hope to the hurting is to give away or loan Christian materials that put death in a bigger, biblical perspective.

That’s exactly what Frank Zitzman did. After losing his son, Troy, in a tragic motorcycle accident, Frank felt burdened to share biblical truths about death with others. Wanting others to have a proper understanding of Genesis, which explains how Adam’s rebellion brought sin into the world, he hands out booklets to as many people as he can.

Creation-based materials written specifically for this purpose include the booklet or DVD, Why Is There Death and Suffering from Answers in Genesis, How Could a Loving God? a book by Ken Ham, and the children’s book Why Is Keiko Sick? by Stacia McKeever.

To listen to Zitzman’s powerful testimony, visit

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2009 is “the year of Darwin”— the 200th anniversary of his birth and the 150th anniversary of The Origin of Species. Learn what drove this man to develop his controversial belief system and read leading creationists as they share what we’ve discovered after 150 years of analyzing Darwin’s “dangerous idea.”

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