Charles Darwin Biography
Charles Darwin was buried inside Westminster Abbey near Sir Isaac Newton

Charles Darwin Biography


Did Darwin Have Faith?

It has often been assumed that Darwin started off as a Bible-believing Christian who later rejected his faith because of the scientific discoveries he had made. Nothing could be further from the truth. The young Charles Darwin’s first school was one that was run by the minister of the Unitarian Church.

Darwin’s Struggle With Evil

Darwin’s faith was not in Jesus Christ, only in what he could see, touch, and understand. Perhaps more than any other scientist of his time, this hurting father came to understand the evil that really exists in the natural world. The death of Anne just made the evil touch him personally.

Darwin’s Philosophical Journey

Did Darwin realize the philosophical consequences of his ideas? Definitely—his clandestine notebooks, which he dared not show even close friends, reveal that he struggled with the fact that evolution could undermine people’s belief in God.

Those Who Influenced Darwin

While at Cambridge, just before his famous voyage on the HMS Beagle, he came under the strong influence of men in the “Cambridge Network”, a group of clergy and university professors who were a conduit for liberal theology coming into England from continental Europe.

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