Understanding the Man After 200 Years

on November 12, 2008
Featured in Answers Magazine
Charles Darwin (1809–82) set sail on the Beagle in 1831, a half-hearted believer that species were unchanging. Molded by the science of his time, he believed the earth was eons old, species appeared in their current locations at an unknown time, and the Bible had nothing relevant to say about science. Eager for acceptance by the scientific establishment, the 23-year-old wanted to make his mark. But as radical new ideas began brewing in his head, he grew fearful about the threat to his reputation.

Answers Magazine

January – March 2009

2009 is “the year of Darwin”— the 200th anniversary of his birth and the 150th anniversary of The Origin of Species. Learn what drove this man to develop his controversial belief system and read leading creationists as they share what we’ve discovered after 150 years of analyzing Darwin’s “dangerous idea.”

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