Inventor of MRI Endorses Biblical Creation STEM Camp

by Ken Ham

Many secularists claim that creationists can’t be real scientists and that teaching creation to children will eventually put the US behind technologically. But this is simply not true. As I showed Bill Nye “the Science Guy”—a secularist who often makes this claim—during our 2014 debate, many great scientists of the past and present were and are biblical creationists. Here’s a video clip, part of which you will likely recognize from the debate, that shows one such creation scientist. Dr. Raymond Damadian is an incredible scientist whose work inventing the MRI scanner has saved millions of lives, and he is a biblical creationist.

In this clip Dr. Damadian talks a little bit about his work and his belief in the Creator and about how evolution is scientifically bankrupt. And he also mentions an incredible opportunity for science-minded kids.

I strongly recommend Camp Infinity (Ci) and its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) emphasis. If your young person is interested in science and technology, then this is the camp to send them to this summer. Young people will learn real-life observational science as they experiment with robots and more, but, more importantly, they will learn about the Creator. They will be encouraged to think biblically and will learn how to view science and technology through the lens of God’s Word. Each camp includes a tour of the Creation Museum and presentations from creation scientists. Your young person will be encouraged to put their faith and trust in God and in His Word while they learn more about the amazing world that God has made.

You can learn more about Ci at

I also encourage you to read the recently published book Gifted Mind, detailing Dr. Damadian’s life and his incredible invention.

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