The Ark—Preaching While Under Construction

by Ken Ham on December 29, 2015

I just wanted to pass on an encouraging message to you concerning our Noah’s Ark project. We received this message from a pastor who has a connection with someone working on the Ark’s construction in northern Kentucky.

Noah's Ark

Here’s what he wrote us:

The Ark project has already had a major impact, even though it has not yet opened. My childhood friend who I will not name has been contracted to work on the project, overseeing some of the workers. He grew up in a Christian home, but has not taken the Bible seriously . . . until now.

He has often asked me to prove its inerrancy. After working on the Ark for the last few months, my friend returned home for Thanksgiving, at which time I was able to talk about whether this project has impacted his life. He expressed to me that though he still had many questions, he believed every word that the Bible says, regardless of his questions. He told me that working on the Ark and seeing the Bible come alive helped him to know that the entirety of the Bible is true. He still is developing his faith, but this was very thrilling to hear that he has faith, and has faith in Jesus Christ.

We are so thankful that God is already using the Ark Encounter—before it’s even open (scheduled for July 7, 2016)—to show people that God’s Word can be trusted from the very beginning. The Bible tells us that Noah was a “preacher of righteousness.” We need preachers of righteousness today—and the Ark is going to be one of the most powerful ways we can reach this culture with the truth of God’s Word. We simply cannot imagine the impact it will have once it opens! People will literally see the Bible come to life and will, maybe for the first time, have their questions about the Bible answered. We are so thankful to the Lord and to those who have generously given to further the project. If you would like to donate, to help us build the Ark and reach out to millions with the gospel, visit You might even consider making a year-end gift to the Ark Encounter—right now ever dollar given to help build the Ark is matched, up to $2 million!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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