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You probably know that one of our hallmark verses here at Answers in Genesis is 1 Peter 3:15: “Always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you.”

At AiG, we desire to call people back to the absolute truth and authority of the Bible from the very first verse and teach them that the Bible has the answers for life's ultimate questions. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is through our Answers Conferences. I am constantly on the road giving talks (West Virginia and then Michigan these past couple of weeks, and the week before it was Florida), but did you know that we have many highly qualified, talented, and experienced speakers available to present a variety of illustrated talks to defend the Bible in today’s increasingly secularized world? Some of their relevant topics include the relevance of Genesis, fossils, the Flood and Ark of Noah, dinosaurs, Darwin, biblical authority and the age of the Earth, strategic evangelism, the reality of Adam and Eve, and much more.

Our great speaker lineup includes Dr. Tommy Mitchell, Dr. Terry Mortenson, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Andrew Snelling (on a limited basis), Bodie Hodge, and Bryan Osborne. AiG has highly qualified speakers in areas like astronomy and biology. A full list of speakers (both full-time staff and adjunct presenters, with many holding doctorate degrees) along with their bios can be found at

If you’re looking for a speaker this spring, we do still have some openings, so I encourage you to consider into bringing our superb and dynamic communicators to your area. Here is a photo of Dr. Tommy Mitchell (he gives presentations that the whole family enjoys) as he is giving one of his dynamic presentations. I’ve know Dr. Mitchell for 15 years, and he, like all of our speakers, is a great communicator.

Tommy Mitchell

Another thing we do in the outreach division of AiG is strive to build meaningful relationships with pastors and other Christian leaders so that they can open doors to churches, Bible colleges, and other venues to provide them and their followers with information and resources that will support their ministries. Answers Conferences are primarily directed toward the local church and to the average person in the pew, so the AiG meetings are presented in a family-friendly style.

If you are not a pastor or other church leader in your congregation, please share this article with your church leadership and encourage them to host a Bible-upholding Answers Conference in your church. You and your church will be encouraged to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning and equipped to answer the skeptical questions of this age. Request a faith-building event online at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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