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We have been pleased to receive copies of several emails and letters that people have been sending to the governor of Kentucky as a result of the lawsuit that Answers in Genesis recently lodged against the state. I wanted to share an example of the types of letters people have been mailing to Governor Steve Beshear and copying us on. For instance, this one:

Governor Steve Beshear

Office of the Governor

Dear Governor Beshear,

. . . I was always proud to claim my Kentucky Roots as my “home away from home” where all of my folks still reside to this day . . . . I have vacationed with my family several times to the Newport Aquarium, combined with a trip to the Creation Museum in Petersburg.

I was so excited that Answers in Genesis had chosen Kentucky for their upcoming Ark Encounter Project and our family waits with anticipation, for it to open.

The reason for my letter to you is to express my dismay that your administration would Exclude Answers in Genesis from a Tourism Tax Incentive Program not only in violation of State and Federal Laws but with a certain attack on Religious Liberty! As someone who is in business, I know full well that each respective state competes for opportunity to ”land” projects like the “Ark Encounter” and has devised just such Tourism Incentives for this very purpose.

While I’m certain that AIG will prevail in their lawsuit, it is a shame that it has come to this. Tax dollars of Kentuckians will be spent foolishly, to “attack” an upstanding organizations that will bring tens of millions of dollars into what always was the Great State of Kentucky and for what? . . . Please take a stand for what’s right, embrace AIG not only for what they stand for but what a partnership with them means for Kentucky . . . Embrace Answers in Genesis, not by showing favoritism but by eliminating bias.

Sincerest Regards,


I encourage you to keep up to date with this religious freedom lawsuit and its background at

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