Government Museum Promotes Religion

by Ken Ham on July 14, 2014

In running a Christian ministry and having lived in America since 1987, I continue to hear a lot about the U.S. Supreme Court’s idea of (so-called) separation of church and state—a phrase that is not in the U.S. Constitution. This idea is really nothing more than a ruse to attempt to eject Christianity from the culture. A recent article in the Baptist Press explains that a government-owned museum actually used tax money to promote the religion of humanism at an event this year. No one has seemed to care that this religion was funded and supported by the state.

Darwin Day is held each year on or around Charles Darwin’s birthday, February 12. The day is meant to celebrate the work of this anti-God evolutionist and his religion. You see, Darwin attempted to explain life by natural processes apart from a supernatural God. The intent of Darwin Day is to indoctrinate people in naturalism, which is by and large the religion of the public education system today and is also funded by our tax dollars. But in reality, naturalism is atheism, thus our tax dollars are being used to try to force a religion of atheism on people. So, then, there is no such thing as the “separation of church and state” because the state is actually funding the religion of naturalism or atheism.

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque held a Darwin Day celebration earlier this year. According to the Baptist Press article, they promoted some controversial groups:

A flier promoting "Darwin Day" at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque—a division of the New Mexico state government's Department of Cultural Affairs—listed New Mexicans for Science & Reason, the [anti-Christian] Humanist Society of New Mexico and Freedom From Religion, Albuquerque as cosponsors of the Darwin celebration in February.
So, this tax-funded museum promoted well-known anti-Christian organizations. These organizations aggressively attack Christianity and try to impose their atheistic views on the culture. Now at the same time, if this tax-funded institution was asked to have a Christian organization present its creationist view in the museum, this would no doubt be denied with the claim, “But this would be in violation of the ‘separation of church and state.’”

After seeing the humanist groups listed on the flier, two scientists actually investigated the celebration and they found that: “the museum worked closely with atheists to plan the Darwin Day events, which included anti-religious lectures and attacks against Intelligent Design and creationism.”

Of course, it is a completely religious effort for it supports the religion of atheism. When someone says they are “not religious,” they are religious, to be sure; and their religion is the religion of humanism (in one of its various forms). Atheism is but one form of humanism. Bear in mind, too, that this institution gets the same tax-exempt status as do churches.

Now, if those lectures had promoted Christianity or creation, they never would have been allowed due to the prejudice against Christianity. In fact, secularists would have been outraged that a government-owned institution was promoting Christianity instead of their own anti-God religion. Yet the museum recruited atheist groups who denigrated Christianity—all using taxpayer money. Not surprisingly the two scientists who have called attention to the hypocrisy can’t even get the media to report on what they have found. As we see in politics, we also observe with the secular media: they will often refuse to report on issues if it would in any way bring their own ideology into question or disrepute.

You see, many people working in the secular media are fine with the promotion of the atheistic religion (which they support), so they aren’t going to oppose their religion being supported by state dollars. They are more than happy to let that go under the radar—even though it is a gross inconsistency and hypocritical.

I believe we’re going to see more instances like these as our culture continues to abandon the authority of Scripture and embrace the fallible reasoning of man (humanism). As states in America continue to teach kids in public schools the religion of secular humanism (which includes the naturalistic beliefs in big bang, millions of years, and evolution) and pretend it is not religious, then people will continue to be deceived into thinking those beliefs are okay. But they are being brainwashed into believing Christianity is religious and thus needs to be attacked and snuffed out. The issue for secularists is not really over religion in general—it’s the Christian religionthey don’t like. They are fine with the place of their atheistic religion in the culture; they just don’t want people knowing it is a religion, too. They don’t want it to fall under the same guidelines of being separated from the state.

Sadly, the many Christian leaders and other Christians who have compromised evolutionary ideas (including millions of years) with the Bible are actually helping the secularists impose their atheistic religion of the culture and generations of kids! They will have to answer to the Lord for this shocking attack on the authority of God’s Word!

I discuss more about the erosion of biblical authority in the culture and what the church can do to help stop it in my newly updated and expanded bestselling book, The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years. It deals with the religious nature of evolution/millions of years in more detail. I encourage you, if you haven’t read it, to visit our webstore and order your copy today!

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