Join Us Tonight—Special Live-Stream Event with Archaeologist Henry Smith

by Ken Ham on July 15, 2014

Tonight Answers magazine readers will get another opportunity to talk with an author about an article in our family-friendly magazine Answers.


At 7:00 PM (Eastern Time), you can join Henry Smith Jr., an archaeologist with the Associates for Biblical Research, and Mike Matthews, Answers magazine’s editor in chief, for a live discussion on Google Hangout. They’ll be talking about Smith’s article in the current issue of Answers, “Archaeology’s Lost Conquest.”

Archaeology's Lost Conquest

“Archaeology’s Lost Conquest” examines three different archaeological sites in the Middle East—Jericho, Ai, and Hazor—and shows people how preconceptions can affect our interpretation of the evidence. The Associates for Biblical Research has a staff of professional archaeologists who perform research and demonstrate that the evidence confirms Scripture.

If you want to know more about the archaeology of Jericho—perhaps the best-known of the three sites Smith examines—I encourage you to order the video The Fall of Jericho from our web store.

Plan to join the live chat this evening.

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