The Religion of Humanism

Humanists consider man to be the measure of all things. That is, the human mind is considered to be the ultimate standard by which all claims are judged. Humanism is a religious system, the deity of the worldview being man himself. Humanists hold their views with zeal and conviction.

Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”

As the 2010 humanist of the year, Bill Nye, “The Science Guy” of PBS TV, can’t afford to consider the merits of a worldview that calls his core beliefs into question. His claim: America can’t be competitive in technology unless it teaches kids evolution as fact.

The Humanist Bible

The Good Book: A Humanist Bible by atheist philosopher A.C. Grayling is being billed as if it is an inspirational collection of ethical tidbits. Grayling’s humanistic book presents the ideas most closely held by evolutionists in a flowery poetical way.


At the heart of postmodernism is a war for the definition of truth and for the authority to determine what is truth. The subtle ways in which some Christians have adopted postmodern ideals do a great deal of harm. These believers have given up certain parts of the ultimate truth of Scripture.

Articles About Humanism

  • Humanism As Religion—Sir Julian Huxley

    Sir Julian Huxley identifies evolution as an underlying principle for humanism.

  • One Glaring Problem with World Philosophy Day
    Nov. 17, 2016

    It is World Philosophy Day, meant to honor and respect the world’s varied philosophies as equal truth and to encourage people everywhere to study philosophy.

  • Semi-Technical In-Depth Article
    New Historicism
    Feb. 27, 2013 from Answers in Depth

    While new historicists and those who hold to similar ideals may have a passion for those they consider to be marginalized, sadly, sin has marred what man views as worthy of protecting and justifying.

  • Semi-Technical In-Depth Article
    Feb. 13, 2013 from Answers in Depth

    Jacques Derrida’s philosophy of deconstruction has become the foundation of many postmodern ideas today. Deconstruction centers on the idea that texts contain oppositional relationships, where one par

  • Semi-Technical In-Depth Article
    Starting Points
    Jan. 30, 2013 from Answers in Depth

    The effect that postmodernism principles have on biblical hermeneutics is to render them useless.

  • Semi-Technical In-Depth Article
    Jan. 16, 2013 from Answers in Depth

    Postmodernism is at the root of many attacks on the authority of God’s Word today. Many people do not realize that they and their children are being quietly indoctrinated.

  • Magazine Department Article
    Bill Nye, the Humanist Guy
    Jan. 1, 2013 from Answers Magazine

    An anti-creationist diatribe by Bill Nye, “The Science Guy” of PBS TV, went viral on YouTube this past fall.

  • Oct. 21, 2012 from Answers Magazine

    Postmodernism can get pretty crazy. How do we witness to a postmoderist who has no standard of absolute truth?

  • Humanist Bible
    April 16, 2011 from News to Know

    A. C. Grayling’s humanistic book presents the ideas most closely held by evolutionists in a flowery poetical way.

  • Religion? What is That?
    April 2, 2011 from News to Know

    “Religion? What’s that?”—the earnest question of future Australian, Irish, Swiss, and other children?

  • Magazine Department Article
    American Taliban?
    Oct. 1, 2010 from Answers Magazine

    Chomsky has resorted to outlandish, made-up statistics to attack the Christian faith and link it to extremists of the worst sort.

  • Self-refuting Skepticism
    July 14, 2009

    Skeptics such as Michael Shermer like to assure you that they alone are being rational. But a close look at the claims reveals how empty they are.

  • Great Scott, Eugenie! Secular Humanist on Science and Religion
    Nov. 26, 2008

    “Preacher” of evolution Eugenie Scott lectures on science and religion. What’s our take?

  • Humanist Ads Focus on Just Being Good
    Nov. 15, 2008 from News to Know

    Atheists are spending tens of thousands of dollars in the United States to prove to the world they fail to grasp the connection between God and goodness.

  • Goose-Stepping to Zion?
    March 20, 2007 from Answers Update

    Who are the world’s “new fascists,” according to a new Simon and Schuster book composed by a former New York Times correspondent?

  • The Fortress of Evolutionary Humanism!
    July 9, 2001

    By God's grace and for His Glory, AiG is endeavoring to build a first-rate Creation Museum to help Christians scale the city of secular, evolutionary humanism.

  • Feedback Article
    Email Debate
    March 30, 2001 from Feedback

    From time to time, a skeptic will see something on our site and attempt to challenge its accuracy, which often leads to an interesting exchange of e-mails—a virtual ‘mini-debate’ over creationism.

  • Another Anti-Creationist Crusader Wins Humanist Award
    Dec. 15, 1998

    Humanism is a religious faith that excludes God.

  • Magazine Article
    Evolution and Science Fiction
    April 1, 1983, pp. 22–25

    Most science fiction literature has as its centre evolutionary humanism. Such science fiction has abandoned a belief in eternal life via Jesus Christ.


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