Promoting Evolution to Spanish-Speaking People

by Ken Ham

Recently, AiG was thrilled to announce that as part of our worldwide ministry outreach, we now have a full-time Spanish speaker and translator. We also have been fervently producing a number of our resources in Spanish, with many more in the pipeline.

But, the Devil is very active in this world, and his attempts to spread doubt about God’s Word are seen around the globe! We recently discovered that the John Templeton Foundation has given a grant to a project in Barcelona, Spain, to create an online course for Spanish speakers. For an extra cost, they provide tutoring in an effort to teach theistic evolution as an answer to the supposed “science and faith conflict.”  This course consists of 12 lessons through a period of 10 months beginning in January 2014. (

This is the same foundation that has helped fund the BioLogos organization and some of its anti-biblical programs (the BioLogos organization actively promotes theistic evolution and other compromise positions to the church). Just for interest, the John Templeton Foundation awarded $2,028,238 (January 2008) to support the launch of BioLogos Foundation and its website. On January 2012, the Templeton Foundation gave the BioLogos Foundation approximately $3 million. BioLogos used the grant to fund their “Evolution and Christian Faith” programs and projects.

Our full-time Spanish speaker and translator, Joe Owen, looked over this Spanish website and its online course that received funding from the Templeton Foundation. Joe sent me his response:

Although the idea of reconciling “science” with faith may seem tantalizing to many, a closer look at this, along with an examination of the assumptions that are built into the terminology, is sorely needed.  One video is titled “Why Science and Faith,” as if science was the antithesis of faith. The erroneous assumption is made that there is such a conundrum. But the error is in the assumption that the philosophy of origins is on a par with observational science.

After watching the introductory course video, I saw that it was evident that this is only another attempt to justify a man-made starting point and to conform and twist the Word of God to fabricate some sort of fit—nothing short of compromising the Word of God to accommodate man’s false beliefs. The courses’ speakers range from Roman Catholic clerics to physicists, but no man’s title can rightly justify the deforming of the eternal Word of the living God.  A physicist is interviewed and speaks of the “big bang” and Darwinian evolution as if those unobserved beliefs represent science but sadly fails to mention that those philosophies are entirely based on faith (in fact, blind faith). They do not fit into the scientific method of observed and repeatable experimentation.

As the church, the body of the living Christ, we must remember that Jesus warned us that the tares will grow alongside the wheat, and both in the “field of the Lord.” The apostle John tells us that the tares among us are identified by their rejection of the one true Messiah, Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, some of the wheat (the true church) has been influenced by some of the philosophies that come from the tares.   We need to be like the Bereans who were recognized for the nobility of their actions. They examined the Scriptures, yes the Scriptures, as the eternal authority for truth, to “see whether these things were so” (Acts 17:11).

If we as the evangelical church, in an effort to preserve a fleeting and fickle reputation among a world that is full of God’s enemies (Romans 5:10), decide to be conformed by the world instead of being renewed by God’s Word, we will place sin and death in a timeline of God’s creation before mankind. Even if the intention isn’t so, the logical conclusion of evolution and millions of years thinking is to place death and suffering before mankind and the pursuant Fall. This nullifies the message of the gospel, raises an eyebrow at New Testament teachings and even brings into question the character of God, however noble our intentions may be. This is why Answers in Genesis is committed to proclaiming the “full counsel of God” from the very first verse to the last, and to stand on the authority of the Word of God, from where we receive the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

I wrote a blog post earlier this year about our Spanish outreach ministry. We have a Spanish section of the AiG website, and you can also see some of our Spanish resources on the online store.

I urge you to help us disseminate information about AiG’s Spanish ministry and resources. We don’t have the millions of dollars the John Templeton Foundation posesses, but the Lord will bless and honor the uncompromising stand of Answers in Genesis.

To close, I wanted to share with you that we have many exciting outreaches planned internationally (and here in America) throughout 2014. Our various programs are funded through donations from our supporters who have a burden for the Great Commission and want to use the creation/gospel message to reach souls.

To make an end-of-year donation that will go towards our 2014 campaign to reach children and adults with biblical truths or to give to the evangelistic Ark Encounter, please go to the donate page.  Thank you.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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