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I’m thrilled that we have been producing many more Spanish-language resources. These are not only equipping Christians in those countries where the people speak Spanish (including millions of people in the USA alone) but also reaching non-Christians with evangelistic resources.

While I was in Australia, my brother Steve and his colleague Joe Owen gave a presentation to our staff, where they shared some recent developments in this specialized outreach. Steve and Joe also showed covers of our new witnessing booklets in Spanish. Here are just a few of them that deal with the following topics:

  • Where did Cain find his wife?
  • Where did the “races” come from?
  • What really happened to the dinosaurs?
Spanish-language Where did Cain get his wife?

Spanish language Where did the races come from?

Spanish-language What happened to the dinosaurs?

This past weekend AiG had a booth at the two-day Cincinnati Hispanic Fest. We distributed a lot of literature and engaged people of all ages in conversation. We also invited people to the Creation Museum for our Latin Day on November 2.

Our Spanish ministry coordinator Joe Owen, who speaks fluent Spanish, manned the booth:

Hispanic Festival Joe Owen

Several other volunteers also worked at the booth:

Hispanic Festival volunteers

Hispanic Festival volunteers

Here is a close up of the “Seven C’s of History” banner we displayed at the Hispanic Fair booth, depicting the Seven C’s of Bible history that we present inside the Creation Museum (and in our resources): Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Christ, and Consummation.

Hispanic Festival banners

We have much more planned to reach Spanish speakers. In the next several months, for example, I will be speaking in Bolivia and Mexico. And next week Dr. Terry Mortenson will be in Bolivia to speak in various venues, including four nationwide television interviews and five radio interviews.

Recently, our revised Answers Book in Spanish was released—here is the cover:

Spanish-language Answers Book cover

Several of my videos have also been translated into Spanish.

Lastly, here is our website in Spanish— (“respuestas” means “answers”).

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