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We receive numerous phone calls, emails, and letters each week from people sharing how the work of AiG has impacted lives for the Lord. We also hear many testimonies from those we meet at the Creation Museum, conferences, etc.

I thought you would appreciate (as we did) the following testimonies we received recently. If you have a testimony of how God has used AiG in your life or in the lives of others, then I encourage you to send us an email.

Be encouraged as you read these:

We recently finished viewing the Foundations DVDs in Sunday school. We combined middle school through adult. The response was so positive and resulted in consistent SS attendance. Each DVD got better and better. Personally, I now have a better understanding that it really does all begin in Genesis and that the battle is man's word versus God's Word.

All the information presented is crucial in developing a Biblical Worldview. As a mother of 5 sons, I am committed to teaching them truth and to critically think. This video set is a tremendous teaching aid to both of these goals. I would recommend that this series be shown in every Sunday school, church, Christian school and Christian home so that we are better equipped to withstand the wiles of the devil. (Idaho)

I just have to write and tell you how excited and thrilled beyond measure that I am about your entire organization, and specifically the Creation Museum. It's because of the Creation Museum and hearing of its biblical message, that we are planning a trip to visit the first week in August.

This year we decided to do our own family VBS and I chose to order the AiG “IncrediWorld: Amazement Park” curriculum for it. We all LOVED it!! I was worried that my 6 kids were going to say they didn't like having our own VBS; that it was boring without all the other kids, etc. Each and every one of them (ages 3 -13 yrs) said they were sad when it was over and asked if we can do it again next year!

From our VBS week last week, we chose to start a fundraiser box for the Ark Encounter [a full-size Noah’s Ark AiG is building]. I followed the suggestion of the AiG VBS curriculum to make a roller coaster chart to show how the giving increases. We will be saving money throughout the summer until we visit the Museum in August. The kids are so excited to visit and to see/try the new zip lines you've added :)

Anyway, thank you for standing firm in the Word and preaching it thru all sorts of means in VBS, the Museum, the soon-to-be Ark Encounter, etc. It was presented in the materials so well and in such a way that made it easy to teach and reach my kids (and a couple neighbor kids!) so they can understand God’s creation vs. evolution. It was an awesome VBS experience for us all. Thank you and we'll see you in August!!

This email was sent to AiG musician, speaker, and dinosaur model builder Buddy Davis:

At our Family VBS this year my husband and I are teaching our people some of your songs. What fun we had last night as we learned “I Don't Believe in Evolution,” “It’s Designed To Do” and “The Woodpecker” song. I think the adults had even more fun than the children! We thank God for you, your ministry, and your dedication to the Lord. Keep composing, but even more important, keep living for the Lord. (Iowa)

And this testimony was sent from Australia to Dr. Andrew Snelling, our staff geologist:

I was encouraged by my wife to come to church; I was not a Christian at the time, but she was. You were the guest speaker. It was Kurrajong Baptist Church in about 1992, I think.

Your presentation and the material I purchased convinced me that I could trust the Bible from the first word. Shortly afterwards I confessed my sin, and accepted Jesus as my Saviour and His forgiveness. Your presentation started my way to becoming a Christian. Thank you, and I hope this note passed on via [creation speaker] John Mackay will encourage you. I now teach Scripture in schools and use creation materials to help. It is amazing how most of the kids’ questions can be answered from Genesis.

I hope these testimonies were encouraging for you to read.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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