Southern Baptist Convention Opposes Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Decision

by Ken Ham

This past week, I was in Texas for the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in Houston. Answers in Genesis was blessed to be able to have a booth at the meeting, and I spoke to a group of pastors at a breakfast.

Now, I’m sure most of you heard that the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow openly homosexual scouts into the troops. This was an unsurprising but unfortunate decision on the BSA’s part.

The SBC, according to an article released by Fox News, “voiced strong opposition to acceptance of gay scouts—with a top church leader predicting at the annual gathering of Southern Baptists that [sic] a ‘mass exodus’ of youths from the program that has been a rite of passage for more than a century.”

The SBC adopted a resolution at their convention regarding member churches that sponsor Boy Scout troops. The Fox News article states the following:

The resolution did not call on churches to stop sponsoring troops, but urged ones that do to push to have the decisions to admit gay scouts reversed. It seemed to be largely aimed at what church leaders believe is the inevitable inclusion of gay scout leaders.

The main purpose of the resolution was to express concern that the BSA is headed down a very slippery slope to admitting not just openly homosexual scouts but also openly homosexual leaders. And it’s true—once you open the door, it doesn’t take long for the door to open wide. Really it’s like people’s approach to the Bible—once you give up one aspect of the truth of God’s Word, it’s much easier to begin to give up other parts of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the BSA began allowing openly gay troop leaders in the near future—some predict next year.

It’s great that the SBC has so boldly stood up for God’s Word on this issue, rather than bowing to the pressure of secularists who want to see homosexual behavior accepted in society—in fact, to have a special place of protection. Now, I’m sure that some people will ask, “Shouldn’t our churches and our children stay involved in Boy Scouts as a witness to unbelieving members?”

Here’s what I would say to that: As Christian parents, we’re to train our children the way the Bible commands us concerning the truth of God's Word. And while we do want to be a witness because we’re told we are salt and light (Matthew 5:13–16), our children can't be salt till they have salt! (Mark 9:50).

The BSA was never a Christian witnessing organization—even though it may have been run with many basic Christian principles. And we can’t expect our children—who are still being trained as we try to put as much uncontaminated salt in them—to always know how to respond in situations like those they may now confronted with in the BSA, where they’re mixing with other boys who may be expressing homosexual tendencies. This could become a stumbling block to them if they haven’t the knowledge and maturity to deal with it. We do have great responsibility as parents concerning who influences our children. And remember, “Do not be deceived: ‘Evil company corrupts good habits’” (1 Corinthians 15:33).

I encourage you to read the book I coauthored with my brother Steve, Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World, for a more in-depth explanation of our roles as parents and how to raise our children in such a secularized culture.

Church, I urge you to stand on the authority of God’s Word, especially in light of the current push for acceptance of homosexual behavior. What’s more, I urge you to share the gospel with practicing homosexuals, that they might believe the gospel and repent.

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