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Recently, I had a quiz on my blog about where a photograph with me in it was taken.

Ken getting on the metro

We had quite a number of responses. The first correct answer came from a man in Wyoming—he will receive free admission to the Creation Museum. Here is an email we received from him after one of our staff called to congratulate him. (By the way, the photo was taken on the Washington D.C. subway, called the Metro.)

Thank you for the phone call. . . . We were at the museum in 2007 when we attended the Family Camp with our son. It was a fantastic time for us and we got way more than we ever expected from the Family Camp and the Museum. At times I wished we lived closer so we could come more often. You have so many great programs you are now offering at the Museum.

I became a Christian in 1987 (at the age of 27). I had started out at the University of Wyoming as a Geology Major (in the late 1970s) and was a believer in evolution. Becoming a Christian challenged that view.

The first time I saw Ken Ham was in approximately 1992 when he did his conference in Denver, CO (where we lived at the time) at Riverside Baptist Church. I was amazed and loaded up on resources. These were the tools I needed to not only understand the biblical creation, but also to be able to share it.

We are planning to attend Creation College 3 in July, Lord willing. Our son graduates in May and still enjoys the family vacations. He is planning on attending a school of mines and technology next year, and all he has learned from AiG and others has helped him grow in his faith and belief in a 6-day creation about 6,000 years ago.

Your web page is fantastic and I am on it daily to see what is posted on the front page and to do research. You have so many resources I feel I have only tapped the surface of what is truly there. Whenever I need something dealing with Creation or worldviews, I check the Answers in Genesis site first. The videos on-line, the books, booklets, magazine articles, and so much more have helped me strengthen my walk with the Lord. They have also helped me in sharing my faith with others and to teach classes at church. I did a creation class for adults during our churches, and your AMAZON EXPEDITION VBS program last summer.

Just two weeks ago in our Sunday school class, we watched [AiG’s] Noah's Ark video . . . .

Museum “Groupies”

This is what determines a real Creation Museum “groupie”:
[We] just counted the number of times we have brought visitors to the Museum since it opened and we are at 15 and counting. We have two more visits planned for December. Every time we bring guests to the Museum our guests tell us they are really blessed . . . isn't it fun to be a part of all this?

Peru Outreach

I have included two photos from the recent Peru outreach AiG conducted (see previous blog item). Dr. David Crandall, head of Answers Worldwide, kneels at the right.

Peru outreach Peru outreach


The mighty overshadowing of the Cross

(Hebrews 8:12) For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.

In mercy God has a purposeful loss of memory of what we did as He says to our accusers, “I am so impressed with the Cross that I just don’t recall that.”

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