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We have received considerable positive feedback recently concerning the very popular and growing Answers magazine. Here are two recent feedback items:

1. I can only saw WOW to your “Planet Earth” edition! I think everyone should read this magazine and see the subscriber’s-only videos. I’ve been studying (and teaching) Genesis in the Bible for years, and this issue ties everything all together in a neat little package for me! I’m am absolutely unscientifically oriented, but you have made everything so understandable.
Kudos and a heartfelt thank you to the authors, editors, designers, publisher . . . . You have done a first-class job!
I am so excited and delighted by this issue; I will cherish and share it with others . . . . All of your other magazines are also excellent. I share the kids’ [pullout] inserts with my grandkids. However, this issue just really spoke to the very core of my being. What a testimony to the glory of God! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for producing this most excellent magazine.
2. I am a . . . wife and mother of three teenagers who attend public school . . . . both my husband and I are appreciative of the fact that the publication is available and believe it is an important resource for our children as they attend public school.
I really like the structure of the magazine. I like the fact that you code the articles as semi-technical. I really like the up-to-the minute culture news, where you keep us informed on the latest findings and current topics. A couple of years ago, I thought that some of these articles were slanted, and seemed a little spiteful to me in their defense of creationism. I haven’t felt like that lately–the articles and information stand on their own, which is what the Bible does, and needs no defense. So, I have appreciated that shift (whether it was real or just my imagination) . . . .
My kids love Jesus and are growing up in the Christian faith, but I know that there will be times that they are challenged and that they will doubt. To have Answers magazine as a tool for them to clearly and scientifically answer those doubts will help them. Ultimately, this is a faith issue, but I believe as we [keep] moving forward towards the end times, that God will somehow make it more clear scientifically that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, because He wants that no one should perish.
So, thank you for listening to my ramblings. We have so many consumer choices out there, but this is one that my husband and I believe in.
If you haven’t subscribed to this phenomenal family magazine to equip your family and be a witness to others, then I urge you to join nearly 70,000 subscribers and obtain this world leader in biblical apologetics for your home, church, public library, etc. You can obtain subscription information from AiG’s website.

Give a Gift Subscription for Christmas

Why not give a gift subscription of Answers magazine to someone for Christmas? This would be an investment with a return far more valuable than silver or gold (or the stock market!). You can give gift subscriptions through AiG’s website.

Millions Reached Through Peru Ministry

Dr. David Crandall (Director of AiG Worldwide) reports a great response to the creation conference held in Peru this last week (Dr. Crandall and Bodie Hodge from AiG spoke at the conference and at a number of other locations). There were over 400 people in attendance who were all very eager to hear the Word.

Dr. Crandall also had an unexpected opportunity to do a 45-minute interview on the largest Christian TV network in all of South and Central America, which he’s told is seen by millions. The presentations given at the conference were also shown on the television network as well. The conference was hosted by Creous and Elizabeth Ramdath, who were a part of the ITS (International Training Seminar) sponsored by AiG and held here this past April.

Dr. Crandall reports that the Peru outreach has been a great opportunity to see how God is using AiG to multiply the creation ministry around the world!

Newest Addition to the Petting Zoo

Around 7:45 a.m. Sunday morning, the newest addition to the AiG Petting Zoo arrived (in freezing conditions!).


Reese (baby) and Buttercup (momma)–both miniature donkeys—are doing well!

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