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We’ve heard of several AiG-supportive medical doctors and dentists using their reception areas for a special kind of evangelism. Usually it’s in the form of displaying our Answers magazine in a magazine rack or on a table for guests to read while waiting to see the doctor.

One medical doctor near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has gone one step further—he has dozens of AiG’s witnessing booklets in his lobby for his patients to pick up. The photo here was taken on a cell phone by an AiG staff member who dropped by this doctor's office on Friday while in the area.


Dr. Cherian John, a heart doctor originally from India, is keen on using “creation evangelism” to share the creation/gospel message with his many patients. Dr. John has become such a good friend of ours that he accompanied me to India in August to film some of my talks in front of a live audience, and which are now being translated into Hindi and Telegu (languages spoken by hundreds of millions of people throughout India).

Encourage any medical doctor or dentist in your church to display and give away AiG booklets, and display the evangelistic tool of Answers magazine in their office lobby. Share a sample copy of Answers with them and tell them how to order it.

Great Response in Miami

On Saturday night I spoke at the first of a number of services at the Calvary Chapel in Kendall (Miami), Florida. About twice as many as normal turned out for their Saturday service—lots of young people who thanked me profusely afterward for giving them answers to the skeptical questions of this age.

On Sunday, the three morning services were packed (with overflow). On Sunday night, the auditorium was filled again; then the three overflow areas were filled; then they overflowed! I’ve included a photo taken inside the auditorium and one of some of the overflow crowd watching on the video screen in a separate room. I will give a more detailed report on this exciting event tomorrow.

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AiG at ETS

Dr. Terry Mortenson returned recently from the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Rhode Island. With about 3,000 people attending, this is the largest gathering of evangelical theologians in the world. Terry, along with AiG staff member Steven Fazekas, manned the AiG booth in the exhibition hall. AiG has had a presence at ETS for the past seven years.

Terry and Steve had many profitable conversations with both young-earth creationists and others who had questions or objections. A good number of books and DVDs were sold, including 70 copies of the new book that Terry has co-edited, Coming to Grips with Genesis. This unique book, written by 14 theologians, defends the literal historical truth of Genesis 1–11 theologically, biblically, and historically. Its target audience is seminary and Bible college professors and students, pastors, missionaries, and serious lay readers.

Terry is involved in other efforts at ETS seeking to help call ETS members back to the truth of Genesis, many of whom have accepted the idea of millions of years and hold to the gap theory, day-age view, local flood view, Framework view, Genesis-is-myth view, or some other old-earth view. As co-chairman of the steering committee for the “Creation Consultation,” he helped to organize the four well-attended, back-to-back paper sessions of this consultation, and he presented the first paper, on the subject “The Age of the Earth: Why It Matters.” The other three sessions dealt with the framework view (both pro and con), and there was good scholarly discussion, stimulating people to think carefully about the text of Genesis. The steering committee has decided that next year’s Creation Consultation will focus on the Flood of Noah—was it a global catastrophic flood or not?

Terry also led the private lunch-time meeting of the ETS Creation Fellowship, which is a time of fellowship, mutual encouragement, and brainstorming about ideas for future papers at ETS. The formation of the Creation Consultation grew out of previous years’ discussions in this gathering.

Finally, he made personal contact with several scholars who may very well come on the heavily scholarshipped, by-invitation-only Christian Leaders & Scholars Grand Canyon trip next July that AiG is co-sponsoring with Canyon Ministries. He also met a Chinese pastor of a church in Chicago who had never heard of AiG but was excited to hear of the resources we have in the Chinese language and indicated that he would like to have Terry come do a seminar in his church, where most of the adults have master’s or PhD degrees, are from mainland China, and have lots of questions about evolution.

Although we never sell enough books to cover our costs at ETS, we are thankful for the opportunity to be there and for our supporters who help to make this strategic behind-the-scenes ministry possible.

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