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Well, people are noticing the exciting changes on the AiG website as it continues to “evolve.” As one very satisfied person wrote this week:

I LOVE the new Get Answers! I have to say at first I thought I didn’t like it and wanted the old back. But then I decided to take a second look. I spent a little time moving [the] cursor over each category and looking further. WOW!!! What a great job you’ve done. Now I understand what’s behind the new look and how to use it, and it’s truly AWESOME! You just keep getting better and better!
I so appreciate you web design folks and all who worked on this. The obvious thought and time and attention you put in to make it easier for us to find great information.

Are There Any “Ape-men”?

On Monday, Dr. David Menton of our staff was interviewed for the nationally syndicated radio program “Prime Time America,” heard throughout the Moody Radio Network. The segment, produced and hosted by Paul Butler of MBN, was on the so-called “ape-men” (it runs about seven minutes) and has been archived–it can now be heard by going to:

Hear Dr. Menton Live in California

Dr. Menton is a phenomenal communicator, not only for radio, but also as a speaker at our teaching seminars. He will be joining me next February for our unique “Answers for Darwin” conference in Costa Mesa, California (not too far from either Los Angeles or San Diego). Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa will be the host for this free seminar, February 6–7, which will take place just a few days before Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday and is designed to counter the Darwin celebrations that will be going on the following week. Dr. Andrew A. Snelling will also speak at this conference, and he will give layperson’s talks about the age of the earth and how Darwin had to have had long ages for his ideas to be accepted.

So, an AiG biologist–Dr. Menton–and an AiG geologist–Dr. Snelling–will be dismantling evolution, while I will be sharing some of the destructive fruits of evolutionary thinking at this conference.

Don’t miss “Answers for Darwin” – and bring along your friends. For details, go to:

Our east coast counterpart of “Answers for Darwin” will be held the following week in Lynchburg, Virginia, Feb. 15–17. See:



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