A Great Reunion

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It was a great reunion to have special guests Dr. Gary and Mary Parker at AiG yesterday.

Gary and Mary were an integral part of the commencement of the AiG/Creation Museum ministry. They both traveled many miles in those early days of AiG, speaking in church after church across the country.

Gary's book Dry Bones and Other Fossils, with its Creation, Corruption, Confusion, and Christ section, inspired me to come up with the 7 C's, upon which the Creation Museum is based.

It was tremendous to have Gary speak to the AiG staff and then give two special presentations at the Creation Museum. Even though Gary and Mary now reside in Florida with their own creationist museum and ministry of conducting creation excursions down the Peace River, etc., Gary is still one of the best-known creation speakers and authors.

We sell Gary's books through the AiG bookstore. His classic work, Creation: The Facts of Life, was updated a couple of years ago and is one of the best books available explaining the scientific aspects of the creation/evolution issue. You can obtain a copy of the book from AiG's Answers Bookstore.

I have included a number of photographs taken yesterday:

  1. Gary and Mary with me, taken in the Main Hall of the Museum gary-and-mary-parker-with-ken-ham
  2. AiG’s Mark Looy speaking with Gary after his lecture to the AiG staff gary-parker-speaking-1
  3. Gary conducting a book signing in the Dragon Hall Bookstore gary-parker-booksigning
  4. Mark Looy talking about Gary’s book Creation: The Facts of Life to the Museum audience gary-parker-with-mark-looy-1
  5. Gary as he spoke to the staff, giving them a lot of history (including stories about me!) gary-parker-speaking-2
Pray for Gary and Mary and for their ministry in Florida.

Creation Museum TV Ad Gets Into Foreign Film Festival—Official Selection

Getting into the official selection for a foreign film festival is considered "honors" or like an "honorable mention."

This is the list of acceptance results from all submissions of our two Creation Museum TV advertisements (produced by JDA) as of today. (You can view the second commercial on the front page of the Creation Museum website.)

Creation Museum "Eden"

  1. AnimaFest: World Festival of Animated Films (Zagreb, Croatia)
  2. AnimaMundi: International Animation Festival of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  3. Anim'est (Bucharest, Romania)
  4. BAF: Bradford Animation Festival (Bradford, UK)
  5. HAFF: Holland Animation Film Festival (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Creation Museum "Dinosaurs"
  1. Animanima: International Animation Festival of Serbia (Serbia)
  2. Cinanima: International Animated Film Festival of Portugal (Espinho, Portugal)
  3. Anim'est: (Bucharest, Romania)
  4. HAFF: Holland Animation Film Festival (Utrecht, The Netherlands)


“Pause and search”

(1 Kings 11:39–40) And I will for this afflict the seed of David, but not for ever. Solomon sought therefore to kill Jeroboam. And Jeroboam arose, and fled into Egypt, unto Shishak king of Egypt, and was in Egypt until the death of Solomon.

When trouble comes we first try to stomp it out, but our wisdom is to pause and search our hearts for the sin that prompted the Lord Jesus Christ to chasten us.

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