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AiG speaker Mike Riddle addressed the staff Thursday about his recent speaking trip to Missouri that received much secular media attention. In my previous blog entries I informed you about Mike’s invitation to speak in some public school classes—the group "Americans United for Separation of Church and State" caused a secular media uproar over this event and has threatened to sue the school district and superintendent who allowed this event to occur.

Hear it straight from Mike as he gave a report to the staff: Mike Riddle's audio report.

In connection with the publicity around Mike’s public school visit, I was interviewed today by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper for an article about AiG that will appear this Sunday. Mark Looy was interviewed earlier in the week. I’ll hopefully send you a link when this article is published.


Mark Looy and I (and other staff at various times) spent the day with Rich Carrol from "Remember Thy Creator," an organization out of Colorado Springs (www.rememberthycreator.com). Rich is the chairman of a major AiG conference to be held in Colorado Springs in 2008. We met with Rich to discuss various aspects of this conference and other projects we are working on. Rich told me that his eleven-year-old daughter said she was praying for me because she heard a talk I gave and that I didn’t like poodles. She said she was praying that God would help me like poodles. Well, because I use poodles in one of my talks (mainly as examples of the effects of the curse—degenerate mutants, etc.), would you beleive I receive special "poodle gifts" from the USA and overseas! So now I’m collecting "poodles" and have them displayed in my office. Rich and I were photographed today standing in my office with my poodles displayed on my book case! We are sending a copy of this picture to Rich for his daughter. And oh---I don’t hate poodles—I just use them to talk about the effects of sin!


This testimony was sent to AiG this week from an ordained minister:

Dear AIG staff. Let me start by saying that Brother Ken and AIG have changed my life forever. I was first exposed to creation science at the one and only Worldview Weekend to be held in Waco, Tx.

Bro. Ken opened up my eyes for the very first time to things I have been wondering all my life. Like, racism, 6,000 yr old earth, Dinosaurs, and many other things I have asked in church and never got an answer. Well since then I have been ordained, and have my own creation ministry. I am very small at this time as I still work a full time job.

Even my wife and 11 year old daughter have stood up to the false teaching in school and some in the church. Because of AIG, I have been able to take the truth of Gods Creation to churches and change lives for Christ, including a pastors son who came to Christ as a result of creation evangelism. He was 16 years old and had never accepted Christ because of evolution teaching in his school. Now I'm told he stands up for Creation in his school. It just goes to show what the Spirit can do when the truth is proclaimed by Gods people. Thank you again dear brothers and sisters. sincerly

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