Critical thinking skills are code words for intelligent design!?

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You will find this article about the creation/evolution issue in South Carolina interesting:

Evolution debate reaches South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C., May 9 (UPI) -- South Carolina lawmakers are again embroiled in the continuing evolution controversy to decide how textbooks should present scientific theory.

Supporters of two bills before the legislature claim they only want to ensure textbooks enhance students' development of critical thinking skills, The (Columbia, S.C.) State reported Tuesday.

Critics say "critical thinking skills" are code words for inserting religious theories like intelligent design into biology lessons.

You can read the rest of the article at:

Mally and I drove to Virginia today for our son Jeremy's graduation on Saturday. He graduates from Liberty University (one of the few creationist Christian universities in the USA) with a degree in management information systems (MIS). We now have four children who have graduated from college—and our youngest starts at Liberty this coming academic year.

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