AiG is "anti-science"?

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In a very ignorantly written editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the writer made outlandish, unsubstantiated, erroneous and ridiculous accusations as a result of AiG’s Mike Riddle speaking at a public school in Missouri.

The editorial stated:

Randy Davis, superintendent of the Potosi R-III School District, says he has only good intentions: He's trying to foster critical thinking skills among middle and high school students.

As if to demonstrate the need for them, Mr. Davis allowed Mike Riddle, a creationist speaker from the anti-science group Answers in Genesis, to address middle and high school students during science class this week. It was a mistake of biblical proportions [emphasis added].

Such accusations as that in bold should make the average reader recognize one can’t trust anything this person wrote. AiG has a number of staff scientists including Dr. Jason Lisle, who recently earned his Ph.D in astrophysics from Boulder, Colorado. Mike Riddle taught on real, observational science in the public school classrooms, and strongly encouraged students to pursue the study of science as a career.

In an attempt to sensationalize a non-story, this writer stated:

Mr. Riddle is a doubt-peddler. The whole thrust of his work is to convince the unsophisticated that evolution is a theory in crisis, collapsing under its own weight. Evolution is, in fact, the central organizing principal of modern biology. There is no scientific alternative to evolutionary theory. Creationism and its kissing cousin, ''intelligent design,'' fail to meet the basic definition of science.
Mike Riddle, however, didn’t even mention evolution-nor did he deliberately criticize it-he simply taught students critical thinking skills about science. Mike reported that TV and other reporters were looking for a sensational story-they had an agenda, but were not able to support it. So this newspaper decided to make up a story as if Mike was talking on evolution, etc. The public needs to recognize the deception in this sort of approach.

You can read the whole editorial at: St. Louis Today.


Read this fascinating email received today:

I am an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at [at a secular University], but only for a few more days. I have resigned my position to be a full-time mom. I decided on my last day of lecture to give a challenge to the students of the theory of evolution (as an explanation for the origin of life) being proclaimed as "science". Much of the information I used in my presentation came from your website. Thank you for the great work you do. I wouldn't have been able to demonstrate to these college students of the problems with evolution without the amunition you provide on your website. God Bless!

We received this message from Reach Out TV: "Just wanted to let you know that due to the popularity of Mr. Ham's interview, we are running it again this week. If you could mention it again on your blog, that would be greatly appreciated."

The interview can be found on:

Mike Riddle is giving a report on his recent public school visit and secular media encouters to the staff Thursday morning. I hope to have the audio of his report available through my blog on Friday.

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