Firefighter Reminds Us of the Influence of the Creation-Evolution Debate


Newsweek: “A Life Dictated By the Bell” An off-hand comment by a firefighter writing in Newsweek reminds us of the immense influence of the creation–evolution debate.

It’s not news we’d normally cover in News to Note, newsworthy though it may be: 50-year-old firefighter David Fraser discusses how his life as a quick-responding emergency services professional has taken its toll on his body. “Fifty may not be that old in the private sector,” Fraser writes, “but it’s not the perfect age for throwing ladders against buildings or crawling through crashed cars in the middle of the night.”

Be thankful for and keep in prayer all firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and other public servants.

It’s an engaging read, and the article reminds us all to be thankful for and keep in prayer all firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and other public servants.

What ties the article to AiG is a comment Fraser makes, ostensibly for humor’s sake, in paragraph three, when discussing his worries over the health of his prostate:

Thirty years ago I would not have known that a prostate has a fairly predictable life span. Now I know that it is an organ designed to live a happy life of about 50 years until it swells up and keeps you from properly using a bathroom. I doubt that either evolutionists or creationists can account for that flaw in intelligent design.

Actually—it may sound odd for us to say—but both evolutionists and creationists would claim to account for the problems of the prostate. Evolutionists would argue, for instance, that evolution merely works with the genes it has, continually refining and perfecting life, but that we’re still flawed “works in progress.” Of course, we dispute the very possibility of molecules-to-man evolution.

For creationists, lambasting God’s “intelligent designs” is both profane and thoughtless, since it passes the blame for the Fall and the Curse from Adam and Eve to God. Just as with the appendix, the prostate was created with a specific function, part of the created human body in a world free from death and suffering. The Curse changed all that, and all of us now have to face the day-to-day consequences of living in this world and would have to face the eternal consequence of hell if it weren’t for God’s saving grace through His son Jesus Christ.

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