Williams Syndrome and the Gospel


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When our oldest son was diagnosed with Williams syndrome—a rare genetic disorder that causes cognitive and physical disabilities—my husband and I found ourselves in a whole new world. Although the diagnosis left us reeling, we knew God was in control, and we wanted to see Him glorified through it all. We looked for ways to share God’s goodness and love with those we met on our unexpected journey.

After his diagnosis, our son began meeting with the same therapists every week. We realized the Lord brought these ladies into our lives for a reason. So when the program ended, we gave his therapists several Bible-upholding books, along with a note thanking them. One of the therapists told me those books were just what her daughter needed—she’d been asking questions about Christianity and the Bible but hadn’t known where to find the answers.

Many physical problems accompany WS, and I’ve been able to pray with parents of children undergoing a procedure (even atheists). In the sad cases when a procedure didn’t work, the families have been very open to praying with me as they dealt with the loss of their child.

God has also allowed me to use my private blog to explore answers to questions such as “Did God create genetic disorders?” and “Are all people—regardless of intellectual or physical ability—created in God’s image?” Thanks to the power of social media, I also share links to the posts on my Facebook page and in support groups so that I can connect privately with others in the WS community.

Every person faces difficulties and challenges—cancer, genetic disorders, relationship troubles. But when we understand that God is always good and always sovereign, we can look for ways to use our circumstances to point people to Him and His Word.

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