Real History: The Timeline of the Bible

Originally published in Creation 27, no 4 (September 2005): 28-29.

The Ussher timeline chart by Paul Hansen that appeared in Creation magazine in September 2005 is available for download.

Permission is hereby given to download and print out on a colour printer in small quantities for personal use, including handouts for classes. It must not be sold, or reproduced in any magazine or article or book or other publication or form without separate permission being sought from the copyright holder, Answers in Genesis.

Note: This timeline was printed in Creation magazine to faithfully represent the details provided by the late Archbishop James Ussher in The Annals of the World, as translated by Larry Pierce and extracted by Paul Hansen. Thus, we felt compelled to retain some items which we knew would be the subject of controversy and which did not necessarily reflect a specific stance by AiG. One such example is the way the chart refers to and positions Daniel’s “seventy sevens” (Daniel 9:24), which seems to endorse a particular eschatological view (cf. Daniel 9:25). AiG staff/supporters represent a wide range of eschatological frameworks, and we want to make it clear that AiG does not wish to be seen to be endorsing any particular eschatological view outside of our statement of faith:

Section 3, Item 9: Jesus Christ rose bodily from the dead, ascended to heaven, and is currently seated at the right hand of God the Father, and shall return in person to this earth as Judge of the living and the dead.


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