Our Universe Inside Black Hole of Another Universe?

National Geographic News: “Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe?Is our universe inside a black hole belonging to another universe?

The latest proponent of the idea is Indiana University–Bloomington physicist Nikodem Poplawski, whose paper in Physics Letters B includes equations to show that black holes may actually be wormholes (a kind of astrophysical tunnel) between universes. This goes against Einstein’s conclusion that at the center of a black hole exists a singularity, another concept that is difficult to imagine, but one that is backed by some evidence.

"[T]he big bang theory says the universe started as a singularity."

Among the reasons Poplawski has posed his model is to “explain certain mysteries in modern cosmology,” National Geographic News reports—specifically, such mysteries as:

[T]he big bang theory says the universe started as a singularity. But scientists have no satisfying explanation for how such a singularity might have formed in the first place. If our universe was birthed by a white hole instead of a singularity, Poplawski said, “it would solve this problem of black hole singularities and also the big bang singularity.”

Poplawski himself referred to his model as a “crazy idea,” and University of California–Davis physicist Andreas Albrecht noted that this merely pushes the question of what started the big bang into an alternate reality.

In other news from the big bang-dominated field of astrophysics, Edinburgh Royal Observatory astronomer Mike Hawkins discovered that the light pulses given off by quasars (strange, high-energy objects in distant space) do not behave according to current astrophysics predictions. Among the explanations? “There’s [the] possibility that . . . the universe is not expanding and that the big bang theory is wrong,” PhysOrg reports.

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