AiG’s 8 May 2003 Article, AiG—First on Archaeology Hit List


Recently, AiG responded to an Archaeology magazine article listing AiG on the top of their ‘pseudoarchaeological’ sites list. Here, we give AiG reader responses.

I read your recent article on how Archaeology magazine has apparently slammed AIG for no other reason other than the fact that you start with a Biblical framework. I checked out their online version of the article, and sure enough, what you had reported was there (along with a glowing embrace of

I wrote to them and expressed my disapproval of their making such a statement without having anything substantial to back up their assertions. I would hope that others who regularly read your site will do the same, and let Archaeology know that these sort of strawman tactics are not befitting of any sort of professional publication. Keep up the excellent investigative work.

Kyle Shockley

I just read your article about AiG’s being slammed by ‘Archeology’.

First, I should mention that I found ‘Archeology’s website from I read ‘Archeology’s article, and then I came here to see the other side’s story.

What a difference! This website is great. It’s difficult to imagine that when I went to school there was nothing like this at all, and now the Truth about Creation is out in the open. (Even though it was there all along in the Bible, thorough explanations are a welcome sight indeed.)

I agree with your defence. This hollow attack only makes ‘Archeology’ worthless. They should be cringing with shame, while you can stand tall in the confidence God gives to those who fear Him.


Hello. I just wanted to comment on the article, "AiG-first on Archeology Hit List. I recently begun purchasing Archeology magazine for no other reason than that my reading interests are numerous and diversified. I found the magazine interesting so I bought it a second time. When I saw their article about pseudo - whatever it was - I linked to AiG. What a pleasant surprise! God must have led me to it. The information at your site was so informative and stimulating that I was breathless with excitement while reading it and stayed at your site for hours. I am a Christian and was brought up in the Church. I currently read the Bible everyday but I always feel hungry for more. Your informative site served to satisfy a great deal of my hunger. For that I am forever grateful. The author of "…hit list is so right. Archeology appears to be challenging beliefs - not science. I respect their work but "…as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord."


Sandra D. Waller


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