Salvation Army Soldier Responds to Heresy!


AiG-US President Ken Ham recently wrote to American supporters expressing his concern about blatant heresy and evolutionary teaching in the Salvation Army’s official organ War Cry (UK edition). After reading Ken’s report, an actively involved Salvation Army soldier in Ohio wrote a letter to AIG sharing his own concerns and encouraging us with the need to ‘continue to spearhead the authority of Scripture from the first verse of the Bible!’

In spite of the Salvation Army’s godly heritage and its valuable humanitarian work going back more than 100 years, many people–including this man in Ohio–are concerned about changes in the direction of the ministry. Read about his concerns and his plans to challenge this recent incidence of heretical teaching.

Dear David Jolly [Assistant to AIG’s President]:

I gratefully acknowledge your kind assistance in locating those Salvation Army War Cry references mentioned in Ken’s letter!

These articles conflict with Salvation Army doctrine in at least eight areas. The material as presented by Professor Russell Stannard resembles closely [the warm-to-evolutionary belief/Roman Catholic] position papers, the new [Roman Catholic] catechism, and remarks of late by the Pope. Stannard is Anglican.

The articles spanned two War Cry editions. Further reading of Stannard’s books etc. was recommended at the close of the article. Was this an endorsement by the Army of Stannard’s remarks? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck–it’s a duck!

I am pursuing this up the chain-of-command.

It is my prayer that AIG will continue to spearhead the authority of Scripture from the first verse of the Bible!

In His Presence,

[name of Ohio soldier withheld]

We hope to share an update soon on these efforts to raise the standard of Biblical authority in the Salvation Army. The editor of the War Cry is also considering the possibility of letting someone write an ‘opposing position’ article in the future. Please pray for these initiatives.


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